mise en place, everything in its place, finds a place at Asara Wine Estate & Luxury Hotel…..

mise en place

mise en place, kitchen French for ‘everything in its place’, meaning that everything for dinner service is perfectly at hand, has found itself an eponymous restaurant on the Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel. Here, after the high life of the festivities, you will find tranquillity, breath taking views, excellent food and very special service. And a great wine list with a qualified Sommelier to help you through it.

Toinette van der Walt, Olgen Kaptein, Calvin, Anja du Toit

The kitchen team is run by Calvin Metior with an able crew directed by him. They are all young and the kitchen hums during the afternoon as they prepare their mis-en-place for dinner.

There are some fabulous dishes on the mise en place menu, here are a few.

Red wine poached pear salad with pain d’epice, baby endive, candied walnuts & gorgonzola

Dry aged Beef Fillet, flame grilled, mushrooms, Bone Marrow jus

And this gorgeous dessert…

Callebaut Chocolate Tart, passion fruit, yoghurt ice

Asara mise en place front of house team, Karen Venter, Heidi Opperman Nortier

The front of house team is headed by internationally experienced Heidi Opperman Nortier, who manages the restaurant and Karen Venter, the Sommelier [left]. Karen is responsible for the extensive and eclectic wine collection.

Part of the embarrassment of riches in The Sansibar Gin Lounge

One of the places to visit before your dinner is the Sansibar Gin Lounge, where you will find a choice of over 350 gins.

mise en place is open Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 6pm onwards.

Book online for mise-en-place – CLICK HERE

Or call 021 888 8000.

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