Megan McCarthy and the Spier Produce Gardens, ‘teach them to grow food, and they’ll never be hungry again’…

Megan McCarthy, expert in eco-friendly food production

In partnership with the Sustainability Institute, 13 members of the local community (predominantly from the Lynedoch area) were recruited to speed up food production at Spier and to learn how to grow their own fresh, nutritious produce at home.

Megan planting out seedlings

“If people learn how to grow their own food, they will never go hungry again,” says Megan McCarthy, who oversees the produce gardens at Spier. An expert in using eco-friendly techniques to grow food, she has been providing hands-on training in demonstration plots at Spier.

In addition to growing their gardening skills at Spier, the 13 young growers also receive a nutritious cooked lunch daily and have received seedlings to plant at home. The organic produce harvested at Spier will be distributed regularly to hungry households in the community.

Spier Manor House

Growing for Good

Spier’s support of tree-growing and small-scale, regenerative agriculture forms part of Growing for Good, where the wine farm invests in learning initiatives that empower communities to create positive social and environmental change.

All Spier wines and offerings display the Growing for Good icon – a heart in a vine leaf that represents both the community and environment.

The Spier Herb Garden

“Our focus on learning is because of its ability to unleash the potential of people. This catalyses a ripple effect of positive change that goes far beyond Spier,” says Andrew Milne, CEO. “The Growing for Good icon reminds consumers that, by choosing Spier, they are contributing to a positive social and environmental impact. Their valued support ensures we can continue to invest in projects that make a meaningful difference.”

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