Books for the Summer – Grasping the Grape by Maryse Chevriere

Grasping the Grape by Maryse Chevriere

Maryse Chevriere’s Grasping the Grape is one of the most enchanting little wine books I have seen in a while. If you love wine, and don’t necessarily want to have a degree in wine, this is the book for you. Ditto if you are just getting into wine and need a bit more information. It is subtitled “Demystifying grape varieties to help you discover the wines you love.” Should be enforced reading,

Maryse Cheviere, photo by A de Tour

Very cleverly constructed the contents include

The Essentials. Here you can read about the Anatomy of a wine label, how to become a better wine shopper, what glassware to use, the do’ and don’ts of storing and service and then a fascinating piece about how to become a better taster.

She then runs through a sensible list of both red and white varieties, some of which we know, and some of which we would like to know more. Each section tells you how to pronounce the grape’s name. Talks to you about the regions where it fares well. And what to drink it with. There is a list of key words about the wine and then suggestions as to other grape varieties you might like.

Sarah Tonat-Jones, London Illustrator

There is a section on Champagne and Rosé, divided up into Champagne and other second fermentation in the bottle wines.

The book ends off with a strategy playbook about wine and food pairing and a ‘Quick’ guide to more grapes you should know.

There is a brilliant Glossary at the end, which I always find so useful.

The book is charmingly and appropriately illustrated by Sarah Tonat-Jones, a London based illustrator.

Grasping the Grape is published by Hardie Grant.
ISBN 978-1-78488-248-8

Locally distributed by Johanthan Ball Publishers


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