Lautus Savvy White hits the spot without the guilt

Lautus Savvy White

A smart low-calorie sip, big on flavour to revolutionise your lifestyle

Meet Lautus Savvy White – South Africa’s very first de-alcoholised wine, crafted like no other and with a single goal in mind: to deliver the best of the grape in the healthiest possible way.

This means the wine is made traditionally with an additional phase right before bottling, when a special spinning technique removes the booze without eliminating all of Nature’s goodness.

Reg Holder of Holder Vineyards and Wines – photo by Wine Anorak

This new no-guilt wine is big on flavour yet low in calories (52 kJ per 100ml) and contains less than 0,5% alcohol by volume – the same traces you will find in two-day-old orange juice in your fridge – which means it is even friendlier to your health. In a world where over-indulgence is the new norm, Lautus is a ray of light. It is to be enjoyed in its most natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

You might think low alcohol means low flavour, but you’d be wrong. The quality of grapes used, matched by subtle winemaking, sees to it that Lautus Savvy White’s elegance is underpinned by sumptuous flavours of tropical fruit and lime, balanced by fresh acidity and a long and satisfying finish.

Allan Mullins, wine selector for Woolworths

The wine is so good, it’s made for Woolworths. “It has been a long wait for a South African de-alcoholised wine that is great to drink,” says Cape Wine Master Allan Mullins, wine selector for the respected retailer. “Woolworths are proud to be associated with Lautus Savvy White. The feedback has been amazing, particularly from drivers and pregnant women.”

Lautus Savvy White begins its life in cool climate vineyards where grapes are picked selectively for acidity and optimal ripeness. Gentle winemaking follows to protect the fruit’s natural character. The wine is then spun to carefully remove the alcohol before bottling.

Sauvignon Blanc in the hands of the harvester

From a Burgundy shaped bottle under screw cap. Amusing elegant simple label. In the glass gem bright pale golden straw. The nose is of things green, green peppers and sweet tropical lime. Tropical fruits on the palate, desiccated pineapple, melon and lemony lime. Zippy acidity in perfect balance with the fruit. Long and gently waning aftertastes.

As with any Sauvignon Blanc, the Lautus Savvy White is ideal as a mid-morning refresher. Or with fish and salads at lunch time. Or a delicious baked sweet potato with goats cheese, freshly ground pepper and flakey salt.

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