KWV commemorates 100 years with The Centenary, Limited Edition MCC…

KWV The Centenary 2011

KWV was formed 100 years ago this year with the express purpose of helping Wine Farmers to export their products as there was an overproduction of wine in South Africa. The organization is hugely successful, and its wine are now available on the South African Market, whereas in the early years, they did not sell KWV wines in South Africa.

The legendary KWV Roodeberg

Of course, this was the source of many legends of which more than a few had the iconic KWV Roodeberg as the main storyline. I heard stories in the 1980s of war correspondents covering the Rhodesian conflict taking a floor in Meikles Hotel in Harare, then called Salisbury, and lining up cases of KWV Roodeberg in the passageways.

La Concorde in Main Road Paarl, KWV Headquarters

I have happy memories of visits to the impressive La Concorde buildings in the Main Road in Paarl when my father as a shareholder and wine farmer used to go and fetch his wine allocation which included large 750ml bottles of Eau de Cologne for my grandmother’s hankies which she wore under her watch strap. And the sherries, where my love for sherry originated. As children we were allowed to drink sherry during dinner, there was one called Mymering, which I loved for the name alone.

Wim Truter, KWV Cellarmaster

KWV in celebration of its centenary, has brought on to the market a limited edition of MCC called, unsurprisingly The Centenary.  Wim Truter, KWV Cellarmaster, says the team is happy that the 2011 harvest has resulted in the production of a wine with an unmatched flavour profile, which also mirrors KWV’s continued efforts to shaping its respected image over the last century. “It’s an exciting time to be part of the KWV journey,” says Truter. “Not only are we proud to introduce a wine that symbolises the company’s history, but also to share a delicious, rare MCC that has ‘come a long way’, especially after experiencing a very dry harvest season in 2011.” The wine is a Blanc de Blanc, white from white, and is 100% Chardonnay.

From a Champagne shaped bottle with a simple elegant label. In the glass, an exciting pale golden straw with the tiniest of bubbles rushing to the surface and forming a crown round the edges. The whiffs are all of Granny Smith apples, windfall oranges, nut biscotti. On the palate it is generous again with its fruit, having a full mouthfeel and a bubble accompanied long and gently waning aftertaste.

Ideal on its own midmorning as a refresher. It goes well with little prawn toasts or creamy goat’s cheese amuse bouche. It would accompany a smoked chicken salad or shredded salmon over a crisp salad.

KWV is one of South Africa’s leading wine and spirits producers and has a distinguished heritage that is known internationally. Ranging from Roodeberg, KWV and Laborie wines and brandies, the brand portfolio reflects a broad collection of innovative products of which more than 100 is enjoyed abroad. Celebrating its 100th anniversary year in 2018, the company has long been recognised an important counterpart and Proud Pioneers in the growth of the South African wine industry. Today, KWV is a global wine and spirits producer with more than 100 markets globally.

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