KWV 10-year-old Potstill Brandy – 6.6.2016

10 Year OldKWV 10 Year Old Potstill Brandy

As a child growing up on a wine farm, KWV 10-year-old Potstill Brandy was part of my parent’s drinks cupboard. Often enjoyed by my father in a huge tank of a brandy balloon. He would place it on the table and never swirl it or heat it with his hands. He would just place his ample nose on the brim of the glass and then start sniffing, putting eventually as much of his nose into the glass as possible. And revel in the pleasure. The brandy, gin and wine were part of the Farmer’s Quota from KWV. Grape and wine suppliers could buy KWV products at very good prices. My father even used to buy large bottles of KWV Eau de Cologne for my grandmother’s little lace handkerchiefs.

KWV 10 year old Potstill Brandy is available to us all at bottle shops – and still at an even handed price.  See below for a link to their online KWV Emporium.

Pieter de Bod 1Pieter de Bod, KWV Master Distiller

Master Distiller Pieter de Bod and his team have been raking in the medals for their fine potstill brandies you can hear them coming for the clanking. In 2004, 2007 and 2011, this brandy won the International Spirits Challenge for The Best Brandy in the World. Last year KWV Brandy took the Trophy for the Best Brandy & Cognac in the World – beating the French at their own game.

ColombarColombar Grapes

The winemaking process, using Colombar and Chenin Blanc grapes, is a fussy and particular one. No sulphur is used, as it would react with the copper pot stills. The finished wine needs to get to the still as quickly as possible. After distilling the brandy goes into 340 litre French oak barrels for a minimum of three years. This is required by our brandy making laws that are amongst the strictest in the world. In the case of this brandy, the minimum age of the brandy in the blend is ten years. More often than not, older brandies are added by the Master Distillers to enhance the final wine.

It looks like
Attractive packaging. In the glass it is a deep golden amber with green flashes.

It smells like
Fresh stone fruit like peaches and apricots. Oak and its concomitant vanilla and spices.

It tastes like
The entry is smooth and well balanced, flavours slowly reveal themselves, spice from the oak, soft dried fruits like prunes, and hazelnuts. Lingering aftertaste.

Dalewood Fromage BolandBoland Cheese by Dalewood Fromage

It’s good with
In a glass with a touch of mineral water, or ice cubes made from mineral water, it is a drink for the end of a working day. Or the end of a meal. Food matching is not easy. Luke at Culture Club Cheese at the top of Bree Street offers some great cheese, and one from De Pekelaar in the Eastern Cape, smooth and creamy. Dalewood Fromage in Paarl makes a delicious cheese call Boland from their pasture reared Jersey herd.  The cheese, grape jam and a crispy slice of toasted ciabatta were in perfect counterpoint to the brandy.

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