Kukumakranka, a fine craft gin with a unique story from Bellevue Wine Estate in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation…

Kukumakranka Gin

Bellevue Estate in in the Bottelary Hills region in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation. Well known for the making of the first Pinotage in 1959 which was bottled under the Lanzerac label and won a major prize on a local wine show, Bellevue is a premium Wine Estate making serious wines..

Kukumakranka, called KroekemaKrank in this historical illustration

Kukumakranka is such a romantic name, it sounds like the name of a children’s TV programme. The name kukumakranka is a Koina name given by the indigenous people of the West Coast. The botanical name is Gethyllis Verticulata.

However, it is an unusual plant indigenous to the Cape Flat Sand Fynbos. It grows also on Bellevue. The plant blooms with a single flower over the Christmas period, the flower lasts for anything up to 5 days. At the start of winter in May the fruit appears. It varies in colour from light yellow to maroon. Once ripe, the fruit is harvested by hand and used on the distillation process for the Bellevue Kukumakranka Gin.

The fruit of the Kukumakranka is sweet and the aromas and flavours are of red berries, fraises des bois and farmed strawberries. These blend so well with the juniper berries and a whisper of fynbos herbaceousness. The palate is so deliciously smooth and has a long ending which reveals petrichor flavours. The alcohol level is the tradition 43% for this style of gin.

Bellevue Manor House

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