International Chardonnay Day, Asara produces a delicious one…

International Chardonnay Day – Asara The Vineyard Collection Chardonnay 2015

Today is International Chardonnay Day. This weekend we stayed over at The Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel.

So in rehearsal for International Chardonnay Day when we ate in the Hotel’s Sansibar Bistro and Gin Bar, this is the wine we drank.

Asara Winemaker Danielle le Roux, Janette van Lill & Christiaan Nigrini

Visiting the Winery and tasting wine with Danielle le Roux, who heads up the winemaking team and Janette van Lill and Christiaan Nigrini we tasted the 2018s still in the ‘cellar’ stage, they are showing much promise, so all is well for the future.

Sansibar’s Parma Ham, Blue Cheese Walnuts Pizza from the wood fired oven

The food in Sansibar Bistro is of truly excellent quality and having eaten there for three nights and a lunch we had a great opportunity to sample the menu. One of my favourites is the Sansibar Pizza. Baked in a wood fired over, as is most of the menu, in the heart of the restaurant.

Now the wine – The Asara Vineyard Collection Chardonnay Lightly Wooded 2015.

Chardonnay ripening on the vine

It looks like
Bottled under screw cap in a Burgundy shaped bottle with the elegant simple Asara Vineyard Collection livery.  In the glass, a pale golden straw with lime green flashes.

It smells like
Sliced fresh pears, ripe white fleshed peaches with an undertow of gentle oak and its concomitant spices.

The Sansibar Gin Bar – over 350 gins on sale

It tastes like
From entry, there is generous fruit varying from fresh pear, white fleshed peach, piel de sapo melon and an abundance of citrus, from windfall oranges to sweet tropical limes. There is a gentle undertow of the oak showing its toasty flavours. Really good mid palate and a long gently waning and very sappy ending.

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