Hemelhuijs, Cape Town’s favourite breakfast spot now serving in Johannesburg at So Yum…

Hemelhuijs owner Jacques Erasmus, aka Cape Town’s Breakfast Darling’

If you are a Capetonian and eat out fairly frequently, Hemelhuijs, in Waterkant Street in the centre of the City Bowl would certainly have come into your radar. This whimsical restaurant which opened in 2010 is the project of Jacques Erasmus. Jacques is an exceptionally talented chef, interior designer and creator of works of art. Hemelhuijs is subject to change quite often as Jacques redoes the interior according to season or whim. It changes drastically. Breakfast there is a dream come true, with all sorts of wonderous dishes you ate as a child in your grandmother’s kitchen. Lunch time offers exciting dishes and a brilliant selection of gin drinks which are so de rigueur and yet even before the craze he was offering gin with freshly squeezed fruit juices and tonic.

Fresh handpressed Fruit Juices

For a couple of months now, Jacques, in partnership with the owners of So Yum, a restaurant in Hyde Park Centre, has been offering his breakfast menu. And what a joy to go there and eat his styled food again.

Comfort, heritage food, Mosbolletjie Toast & Homemade Apricot Jam

Jacques is a great baker and one of the joys of breakfast at So Yum was the magical ‘Mosbolletjie’ toast served with home-made and tart apricot jam. There are plates of maize porridge, known locally as Mielie Pap, served with local honey and salted butter. The fruit juices come in all colours of the rainbow.

Minor change of plan, So Yum’s Rice Congee

As a Johannesburger, this is not something to miss. You will find So Yum at Shop 24, Middle Mall, Hyde Park Corner, on the corner of Smuts Ave & William Nicol Drive. The Hemelhuijs breakfast menu is served from Monday to Sunday 08h00 – 12h00.

You will be enveloped in the warmth of the place, the fabulous waitstaff, attantive management, and the sublime breakfast.

Replete & satisfied, one of Jacques’s magical plates

For reservations call 011 325 5360.

Email soyumhp@soyum.co.za.

Visit https://www.thai-africa.co.za/so-yum/

Visit www.hemelhuijs.co.za

Jacques also own Jonkmanshof, a hotel in Montage. Click here

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