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The Havana Club 7 años Rum – The Canchanchara

Rum has come a long way over the last 500 years. For centuries, rum has had a bad rep and has long been branded the juvenile delinquent of spirits. Now, growing in popularity it is fast showing its appeal to sippers world-wide.

Craft beer and artisan gin are having to make way for the latest spirit to set a global trend as the sweet nectar born from Cuba is being rehabilitated, respected and seeing a revolution. Or as connoisseurs like to call it; a rum renaissance.

Maelia Gellusseau, rum ambassador for Havana Club explains what to look for, how to drink it and what to pair it with.

“Like wine grapes, the sugar cane growing climate has a knack for coaxing out rich flavours and fragrances and like wine, Cognac and Whisk(e)y, fine rum is aged in barrels,” she says. “Aged rum can be especially complex and can either be sipped (slowly) or used in cocktails where the aging process won’t be lost on the taste buds (A Cancha cocktail for example).”

The Havana Club 7 años Rum

“To start off you need a great tasting premium rum,” she says. “Setting itself apart, Havana Club 7 Años is the original Cuban sipping rum and uses a unique aging process, this means part of each of the final batches of Havana 7 is put back in the barrel to age and to be used in a future production which creates a great complexity that makes this premium Cuban sipping rum a true exploration of flavours.”

“Unlike whisk(e)y or Cognac, each rum producing region has different laws when it comes to aging, however, Cuban rum law states that the age of the bottle needs to reflect the youngest drop used in that blend,” she adds. “What this means is that the year displayed on the label is actually the minimum age of rum used for blending.”

She explains that, “It takes more than 14 years to craft a bottle of Havana Club 7 Años and where some rums are made to be mixed this particular rum is made to be savoured and is best served neat, on ice or with a twist.”

Havana 7 Presidente Cocktail

“Choosing the right glassware is important – a snifter or tumbler works best,” she says. “You can apply most of the same tasting rules to rum as you would to Whisk(e)y or Cognac but here are some basic steps to get you started:”

Look at its colour:
Havana Club 7 Años has a rich and clear mahogany colour. Richer colour means a richer more intense flavor, so they are better suited to drink simply over ice.

Savour the aroma:
Havana Club 7 Años has an outstanding breadth of aromas with intense and complex notes of cocoa, vanilla, cedar, sweet tobacco and lush tropical fruits.

Sip it slowly:
Havana Club 7 Años is an exceptionally smooth rum, with a balanced yet complex palate so sipping it slowly will bring out the intense yet round and smooth finish.

How to drink it:
Havana Club 7 Años is a full-flavoured, rich and sophisticated Cuban rum with a high degree of elegance and class. It should be served neat, on the rocks or with a twist of orange peel or lime.

Or Try it in an authentic sipping cocktail like the Canchanchara:
It’s all about celebration, so don some vibrant colours, put on some Salsa tunes and treat friends to a little taste of Cuba – with this rum cocktail – perfectly paired with a hot summer night.

A predecessor of the Daiquiri and a close brother of the Navy Grog, the Canchanchara might very well be the essence of the Cuban cocktail. It has its roots in the fight for independence and is a drink that would have been a quick fix to any ailments suffered in the sugarcane fields, says Gellusseau. Having a Canchanchara is not only a great cocktail, but a taste of Cuban history.

Sugar Cane from which Rum is made

The Canchanchara

50 ml Havana Club 7
25 ml Fresh lime juice
25 ml iquid honey water (2:1 mix – 500ml Honey : 250ml Hot water)

In a low glass dilute 25ml of fresh lime juice and 25ml honey water (dilution is a 2:1 ratio of honey to hot water).
Add the 50ml Havana Club 7 and stir all ingredients over ice cubes.
Garnish with a lime wedge.

For a taller option called the ‘Cancha’ top with sparkling water for a refreshing summer drink.


Information from TinCan

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