GreenHouse Farm Produce

Founded in 2017, Greenhouse Farm Produce is part of an incredible tale of entrepreneurship, opportunity, and success.

The sauces that we enjoy, and have come to love, is part of rich history. But, if you ask the original farmers if they ever imagined that the peppers that they wished to grow would become household favourites, they most certainly would have thought that perhaps you may have toppled your cart and hit your head.

Greenhouse Farm Produce began with a farming enterprise called Blueberry Hill Farm in 2005. Near East London, this hydroponic farm started with the vision of a few farmers. Donning their farming attire, looking out at a small piece of ground, they saw an opportunity in the form of peppers.

Loretta Phillips

However, seeing an opportunity and capitalising it are two different things. This is where an incredible person by the name of Loretta Phillips comes in.

What makes Loretta so incredible?
Loretta joined the management team without any farming background at all. She, instead, came with a wealth of management experience from the manufacturing industry.

Loretta has proven her worth in harnessing her unique ability to find the right people for the right jobs. The workforce is made up of 90% of women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Loretta has taken it upon herself to employ such a workforce and enhance their lives through education, growth within the company, and an overall pleasant working experience. Such methods of putting the needs of one’s staff first prove to be a valuable and irreplaceable quality which is directly noted in the fact that the farm exploded with pepper production.

Team GreenHouse

Being a hydroponic farm, Blueberry Hill Farm produces and supplies peppers throughout the year. When the other farms in the area catch up, usually in pepper season, the prices drop, and the production does tend to get a bit of out hand. Usually, a farm will discard additional stock or sell it off at low prices. Often listed as ‘waste’ on the books, Loretta hates that word. “What do you do when life throws you lemons?” she asks. “You make lemonade. Our bounty isn’t lemons, so what do we do when life throws peppers at us?” However, most great sauces have a flavourful base with peppers, and by that thought alone, Greenhouse Farm Produce was born.

A peck of peppers

The growing variety of products you have come to know, and love is relatively new in its single-digit years. Founded in 2017, Greenhouse Farm Produce is a blend of history tied to morale and the incredible tale of the parent company, Blueberry Hill Farm. It is a venture that continues the legacy of opportunity, entrepreneurship, and excellence run by Loretta Phillips and her very capable team. In taking the thought of excellence further, Greenhouse Farm Produce consults with local, renowned chefs to turn the oversupply of peppers into true, authentic, South African flavour.

The sauces that you now enjoy are special. Not just by the taste and flavour, but by a history rich with the goodness of life.

The Products

Greenhouse Sweet Pepper & Chilli Sauce

Crowned as The Best South African Hot Sauce by the 2021 Aurora International Taste Challenge, the Greenhouse Sweet Pepper & Chilli Sauce also won a double gold. This has more texture than the Hot Sauces, though not as chunky as the Chutney.

Roast Yellow Pepper & Pineapple Hot Sauce
Gold Award Winner – 2021 Aurora International Taste Challenge. Perfect for a palate that wants enough of a bite from a hot sauce without the sting overpowering the meal. A touch of pineapple blends with the yellow pepper to cut the heat – it is spicy, without being unbearably hot.

Roast Red Pepper & Sun-dried Tomato Hot Sauce
Bit more of a kick here for those who overcome the initial heat. Excellent for adding a new flavour experience.

Sweet Pepper & Pineapple Chutney
This is my favourite. I love the sweet, and loved this chutney with a good aged cheddar. I liked its chunkiness, more like an Indian Chutney than a saucy one. Perfect with cold Turkey, ham or a fine aged cheddar.

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This post is not sponsored though I received sample products from GreenHouse.


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