Global Rolls-Royce New Model Launch at Delaire Graff Estate

E.Dawn_Product_10_grid_v2The Rolls Royce Dawn
An icon dawns

Rolls-Royce is synonymous with the ultimate in luxury, style and exquisite engineering. Delivering excellence at every turn, Delaire Graff Estate is honoured to host the launch of Dawn, in March, the latest addition to their lavish portfolio.

Dawn is a blend of Rolls-Royce’s unmistakable road presence with pure 21st century style. “Our design vision was to bring an elegance of silhouette to the soft-top, and natural purity of line to the body that would be both sexy and captivating,” says Giles Taylor, Design Director for Rolls-Royce. “Key to this vision, and true to all Rolls-Royce design studies, is a sense of three-dimensional harmony where no element, whether formal or graphic, should feel out of place or unnecessarily forced.”

Delaire PanoramaView from the Estate over Simonsberg

The Estate will form the inspiring backdrop for the global media launch of this superbly styled icon. With dramatic mountain views, sculpted gardens, an elaborate contemporary art collection and architectural finesse, Delaire Graff Estate is the perfect setting to reflect the intricate luxury and the attention to detail synonymous with Rolls-Royce.

“It is an honour to have Rolls-Royce, the most prestigious car brand in the world, present its international launch in South Africa at our Estate. This is an opportunity to showcase the best of our country on a global stage and we eagerly look forward to hosting them,” says Johann Laubser, Estate General Manager.

Staying at the Delaire Graff Lodges & Spa, prominent media and journalists from around the globe will be in the Cape in anticipation of experiencing the new Dawn and the best of South African hospitality.

“Delaire Graff Estate is without doubt the jewel in the crown of the exclusive enclave of the Western Cape, appealing to the taste of Rolls-Royce clients through its offer of beautiful location, fine wine and fine dining, luxury accommodation, beautiful pieces of art and jewellery,” says Richard Carter, Global Director of Communications for Rolls-Royce.

Dawn’s alluring presence is unmistakable, right from the very first encounter. Striking and assertive, its charm and charisma draw you in. The styling of the Estate complements the sensuous yet contemporary look of the Dawn, visions of dynamism and symmetry. With the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort, an icon is dawning at Delaire Graff Estate.

Information from Delaire Graff Wine Estate



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