Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay 2017 with Anina Meyer’s Spicy Sweet Potato & Couscous Veggie Bowl

Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay 2017

One can hardly think about Glen Carlou without thinking Chardonnay.  The Estate has over the last 25 years made two wooded styles. Since 2011 Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay has joined the team with huge success. The Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay 2017 is a gem.

Johnny Calitz, Glen Carlou’s Winemaker

Johnny Calitz, Glen Carlou’s Winemaker makes this wines in the well-known Nomblot [nom blow] Egg shaped fermentation tank made with specially formulated cement imported from France.

The Nomblot Egg

These specialized concrete tanks offer excellent thermal inertia, as well as controlled micro-oxidation, and are of course flavour neutral and durable. In effect, they offer a combination of some of the best qualities of stainless steel and wooden tanks. Wines fermented in concrete display more weight, fruit intensity and minerality than the same The Nomblot Egg’s porous clay-cement walls allow for natural oxygenation without oakiness. The tank’s most surprising benefit may well lie in its shape. All fluids rise when temperature increases, and do so in a vortex, however in a barrel or other container, the vortex is slowed by the angles. Within the angle free Egg the vortex turns naturally for weeks, which raises the lees, and nourishes the wine. The wine is then aged for 6 months unsulfured on heavy lees before being prepared for bottling.

It looks like
Bottled under screw cap in a clear glass bottle with the simple, elegant Glen Carlou livery. In the glass, the wine is a gem bright pale gold.

It smells like
Fresh sliced white flashed peach, white flowers and citrus.

It tastes like
From entry, crisp with the fruit and the acidity in great harmony. Desiccated pineapple, concentrated lemon and sweet tropical lime. Fresh zingy ending. Lovely glass of wine.

It’s good with
As a glass on its own, it is a truly refreshing one.  The fruit in this wine stands on its own, with no oak maturation. Unwooded Chardonnay is the perfect partner to so many foods. Anina Meyer’s Spicy Sweet Potato and Couscous Veggie Bowl is the most perfect summery dish, paying homage to the current interest in poké and Ramen bowls. Click here for her Recipe.

Anina Meyer, creator of this recipe

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