Gin & Tapas for the Ginsmiths who distill in the Tygerkloof in a still named Bella Maria…

Gin & Tapas served by Colleen Smith & Lesley Clarke in the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness

Colleen and Lesley have hilarious stories to tell about setting up their distillery which makes Peter Mayle’s ‘A year in Provence’ look like fiction. Living at the top of a steep hill has not been easy for their suppliers to get goods up to them, including the courier who brought in their Still, named Bella Maria.

Colleen and Lesley do Gin & Tapas tastings at the Distillery which are very popular. At about the same time that we were talking about their tastings, I received these two books for review.

Gin How to drink it Dave Broom

This little book is a mine of information, Dave Broom leaves nothing to chance. The history if gin, its production, the botanicals used and the legal definitions. He then takes you through mixers and some simple cocktail recipes.

The gins are then discussed, divided up by country of production. This is followed by a seriously complete selection of cocktails.

If you enjoy drinking gin, this one is for you.

Gin How to drink it by Dave Broom is published by

Tapas with Liam Tomlin – second edition

Liam Tomlin, chef and restaurateur in Cape Town need no introduction. Famed and awarded in Australia before landing in Cape Town some years ago with his wife Jan, this formidable team has created a chain of restaurants where Liam moves his top chefs around to head up the kitchens in new restaurant. Tapas is jam packed with the most delicious array of small plates both savoury and sweet. There is a back section of useful recipes for sauces and dressings. This is the sort of book you need when you have friends around for a glass or two on a Saturday evening and want to serve a series of small plates of deliciousness. If you haven’t delved into this form of cuisine, which started in the Sherry Bars in Spain, now’s you time.

Liam Tomlin in his Chef’s Warehouse Restaurant in central Cape Town

Or urban legend has it that in the time of Don Quixote, red wine was consumed, and wine flies would drown in the wine, so a tapa [lid or coaster] was placed on top to prevent the flies getting in. In modern times, tapas come on small plates and where Liam is concerned, the flavours are always knockout.

Tapas with Liam is published by Penguin Random House – CLICK HERE

Ginsmith Pink Gin

Ginsmith Pink Gin 43% has 11 botanicals which shine – floral [Buchu], citrus [Ruby Grapefruit] and of course the wonderful piney juniper which the ladies import from Italy. Undertow of cardamom and buchu blossom, grounded beautifully by orris [also from Italy] and angelica. You can use the pink to make something long and tinkly with tonic, thin slices of ruby grapefruit skin or a strip of cucumber, borage flowers, or a sprig of coriander, if you have them.

Ginsmith Guard Dogs, Lupo & Skollie

Read more about Ginsmith Gins – CLICK HERE


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