Four Cousins, nine wines & 18 years of striking success, says Myrna Robins…

The legendary Four Cousins Retief, Hennie, Bussell, Neil & Phillip

Myrna Robins, the food and wine writer, cookbook author – 7 books to her name, travel writer, food judge and the doyenne of wine & food writers in South Africa, writes of Four Cousins Wines, that there are Four cousins, Nine wines and 18 years of striking success – click here. There can be no wine drinking South African who has not heard of Four Cousins Wine made by the Retief Cousins. When I worked for Pick n Pay some years ago, at the Soweto Mall Branch over Christmas sales, more 1.5 litre bottles of Four Cousins Rosé were sold than 2 litres of a well-known Cola.

Myrna Robins, one of our best food & wine writers

Applied to both its famous sparkling and still wine ranges, new livery casts fresh light on Four Cousins quality, style and authenticity in every bottle. It also highlights something deeper in in the history of the brand. “It’s very humbling the way Four Cousins has been embraced by South Africans, whether in the traditional Cape Wine region, Soweto and Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, universities and the younger consumer” says Phillip Retief, CEO of Van Loveren Family Vineyards.

Phillip Retief, CEO of Four Cousins

“People identify with the Four Cousins family, whilst even referring to themselves as the 5th Cousin in many instances. They identify with what Four Cousins stands for – friendship, family and the memories we hold dear.  “It’s both inspirational and aspirational, and in return, inspires us to stay innovative in ways that permit us to accompany their wine journey – such as launching the Four Cousins Skinny low-alcohol range and the Four Cousins Collection varietal range.”

Hennie Retief

Four Cousins is the country’s biggest-selling bottled wine brand, but not by chance. In a world where fake has grabbed the headlines, the story of Four Cousins resonates because it is real. It was the mid-1990s that brought Hennie, Neil, Bussell and Phillip together. One after the other, after completing their studies, they joined the family farm, Van Loveren Vineyards, near the Western Cape town of Robertson. In 2000, the intrepid foursome made a wine they just knew they had to share.

A Magnum of Four Cousins Dry White

They put all they had into the exciting new venture – they even added their faces to the label as a personal endorsement – and launched Four Cousins.  “Looking back now, we have been very fortunate with Four Cousins,” says Phillip. “Everybody needs some kind of break in life and Four Cousins gave that to us as the third generation at Van Loveren. “We were doing well following in the footsteps of our parents, but we wanted to achieve more as custodians of an opportunity and time. Four Cousins was developed in a style that spoke to a large, diverse and mostly untapped group of people; the quality of the wine, although being sweeter in style, was excellent, so we followed our instincts.”

Bussell Retief

Today, Four Cousins is enjoyed in more than 62 countries with the latest makeover poised to win over even more fans. “We’re excited about the new packaging launched in the run-up to the Four Cousins’ 18th birthday, but it’s also a way of saying: Thank you, South Africa,” says Phillip.

A Magnum of Four Cousins Dry Red

For the still wines, key features of the upgrade include
Awesome convenience with the entire range now under branded screw cap;
A striking new look and feel with punchy tweaks to colour;
An even more unmistakable appearance, thanks to clearer style and a bigger, better label;
The addition of a reputation-staking creed and no-nonsense promise you can trust: A legacy created for the love of wine; and, the personal stamp of quality from the four cousins themselves.

Neil Retief & friend

Importantly, the fresher appearance reflects all the wholesome attributes and attractive values associated with the home and heritage of Four Cousins, from the fertile soils and plentiful sunshine that feed the vineyards to the generations of families who have made the beautiful Breede River Valley their home.

“The new look to Four Cousins was not easy to pin down,” Phillip says. “There are always risks in seeking to improve packaging that has only had minor tweaks over the past 20 years.

A Magnum of Four Cousins Sweet Rosé

“Four Cousins has always been a premium brand in its category. The latest changes enhance this feature.”

In the case of Four Cousins sparkling wine, the new look brings fresh glam to the brand, lending even greater stand-out, star quality while retaining the tasteful elements that have always been a hallmark of the Four Cousins sparkle. A great wine made with great care, Four Cousins sparkling wines are regarded as one of the go-to bubbly brands – no matter the occasion. Four Cousins sparkling wine is enjoyed wherever friends and family gather. It’s perfect with any meal, picnic, braai or kuier; plus, there’s one to suit every palate.

 Four Cousins Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, packed in the conventional 750ml Champagne bottle

There are four wines in the range of Four Cousins sparkling wines, which are sublime both as an aperitif or when paired with food. They are Four Cousins Sparkling Red, Four Cousins Sparkling Blush, Four Cousins Sparkling White and Four Cousins Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc.

Four Cousins is also available as premium popular wines in 500ml, 750ml and 1,5L bottles; The Collection varietal wines; soulful liqueurs; the full-flavoured, healthier option Skinny brand; and, 3L pack range.

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