Flagstone Writer’s Block Pinotage 2015 with Ishay Govender’s Aunty Narie’s Curry – 22.09.2017

Flagstone Writer’s Block Pinotage 2015

Flagstone has a philosophy that pays homage to South Africa’s 350-year-old winemaking heritage. Winemaker Gerhard Swart and his team make wines which are so food friendly and if you are not careful, could lead to some serious conversation. And to pay respect to Heritage Day, The Flagstone Writer’s Block Pinotage 2015 is just the job and perfect to celebrate our wine heritage.

Pinotage, ripening on the vine

The grapes for the Flagstone Writer’s Block Pinotage come from a single vineyard block high in the Waaihoek Mountains, above the sweeping Breedekloof valley, an hour and a half’s drive north of Cape Town. This is the highest vineyard in the area, planted in ancient, decomposed granitic soil. Pinotage has found a sweet spot in this exceptional vineyard.

In the cellar, the grapes are given careful vinification treatment and are barrel Fermented & matured in 80% American and 20% French oak. The wine was then prepared for bottling.

It looks like
Packed under a natural cork closure in a tall Bordeaux bottle with the usual quirky label.  A large splash of ink in the centre to signify a frustrated writer. In the glass, it is a deep purple plum which pale out to ruby at the edges.

It smells like
Berries, particularly the red berries of the Pinot Noir parenthood. Undertow of supportive oak.

It tastes like
From entry, a rich harmonious wine.  Elegant and powerful. Bright berry fruit mainly red, but hints of roadside brambles and shiny red cherries. Little brushes of apple mint and sweet brown spice. Cashmere soft tannins and a long sappy ending.

Aunty Narie’s All-in-one Curry

It’s good with
No wine perhaps more worthy of celebration than Pinotage, in this Heritage Month. And we must remember that Heritage food is not only about the Braai. Ishay Govender-Ypma recently released her book ‘Curries.’ Not only an homage to the curries of her home province Kwa Zulu Natal, but a wide national selection. Here is her

Aunty Narie’s All-in-one Curry

This dish would do well in a slow-cooker or cooked in the Wonderbag while you’re out for the day. All the ingredients are cooked together and present as a thick stew. Aunty Narie invented this curry stew to save time and it’s a testament to the resourcefulness of the busy modern cook.

Serves 6

45 ml (3 T) oil
1 onion, sliced
1 kg lamb, with bone, cubed
3 small cinnamon sticks
2,5 ml (1/2tsp) turmeric
5 ml (1 t) ground ginger
5 ml (1 t) crushed garlic
large cabbage, coarsely chopped
200g green beans, trimmed
3 medium carrots, cut into batons
1/2 red pepper, sliced
1/2 green pepper, sliced
4 stalks fresh thyme
15 ml (1 T) masala (medium)
2,5 ml (1/2 t) ground coriander
2 whole cloves
4 large potatoes, peeled and quartered
500 ml (2 C) water

To serve, fresh coriander, lemon juice, roti or rice

  1. In a large, wide saucepan, add the oil and heat to medium. Add the onion and fry until soft.
  2. Dry the meat well after rinsing, and add to the saucepan.

Braise for 3 minutes, turning occasionally.

  1. Add all the remaining ingredients, including the spices, and mix gently.
  2. Cook on medium heat, with the lid on, for 1 hour, or until the meat is tender. Check every 20 minutes or so. Add more water if needed, 125 ml (1/2 C) at a time.

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