Luke Dale Roberts joins forces with Farm Africa’s Chefs For Change…

Luke Dale Roberts joins fores with Farm Africa’s Chefs for Change

Culinary trailblazer, Luke Dale Roberts has heeded the call to ‘protect the planet and its people’ by joining forces with Chefs for Change to support the upliftment of farmers, suppliers and traders involved in Kenya’s Farm Africa project focused on sustainable farming approaches to protect Lake Victoria’s strained resources.

Uniting the world’s best chefs and the world’s most remote rural communities, Chefs for Change transforms lives through the provision of sustainable sources of protein and provides fish farmers with access to high-value markets to increase their incomes.

Voted one of the World’s 50 Best Chefs on numerous occasions and founding owner of South Africa’s smash hit The Test Kitchen, Luke Dale Roberts said:

Woman Farmers in Kenya

“I am honoured and excited to work with the Farm Africa organisation. I look forward to visiting Kenya and learning more about the fish farming in the region. Supporting local farmers and growers who are invested in their communities and engaging and promoting sustainable farming methods is something I am deeply passionate about”.

Tilapia – a delicious fresh water fish

Luke departs this Sunday, 26th for Nairobi, Kenya where he will be offering his extensive culinary knowledge to the local Tilapia fishing communities.

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