Dewar’s The Monarch 15 year old Scotch Whisky

Dewar’s The Monarch, blended Scotch Whisky – aged 15 years

White Label Whisky was about as much part of my youth as any of the premium Scotch Whiskies.  Dewar’s who created the brand have recently launched some new whiskies on to the South African Market spreading the choice of the customer from premium brands up into super brands.

I was fortunate to be sent a bottle of the 15-year-old Dewar’s The Monarch. Named for one of the most famous of paintings of a Scottish Stag ‘The Monarch of the Glen’ painted in 1851 by Sir Edwin Landseer and bought in 1916 by Tommy Dewar.

Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie McLeod

Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie McLeod has presented a truly sublime whisky encompassing all the aspects, flavours, aromas on expects from a fine product like this.

I like to drink whisky with a couple of blocks of ice and a splash of mineral water which just helps the spirit to open up and deliver of its best.

It looks like
Elegant rather traditional livery. Creating expectation of a good sip to follow.

It smells like
Quite tropical fruity with an undertow of coconut cream and vanilla from the oak barrels.

It tastes like
Rich round full flavours of fynbos honey. Tropical fruits, desiccated mango, yellow fleshed peaches and hazelnuts.

It’s good with
This is the perfect sipping whisky and really just needs a couple of blocks of ice and a splash of mineral water. Clever chefs will doubtless come up with all manner of foods.  I like to keep it plain and a whisky like this goes well with biltong and prunes, Scottish Shortbread, dark chocolate, and roasted almonds all complement the flavours in the whisky.

For more information about Dewar’s – CLICK HERE

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