Carrol Boyes Fine Red Blend 2014, a fine accompaniment to meats with caramelly bits…

Carrol Boyes Fine Red Blend 2014

Adding to her stunning range of wines, Carrol Boyes has recently released a Carrol Boyes Fine Red Blend 2014, part of a limited edition. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (70%), Merlot (20%), Cabernet Franc (5%) and Petit Verdot (5%) which come from mainly north facing, some north east, some north west, vineyards in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation.

Hand harvested, sometimes before dawn, into small crates to maintain the integrity of the fruit. Once in the cellar, the grapes are destalked and crushed and separately vinified.

“The fermentation process is fairly complex,” explains Hendrik Snyman, the winemaker for Carrol Boyes Wines. “Primary fermentation takes seven days. Then, grapes are processed for a further three weeks to derive tannins, flavour compounds and various colouring agents.” The wine is then left to age and is blended before bottling.

Carrol Boyes Fine Red Blend is priced at R930.00 on the Carrol Boyes Wines Website.

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle with an amusing Carrol Boyes Illustration as the livery. In the glass, a deep bloodplum at the core which pales out to delicate ruby at the edges. The whiffs and flavours are of dark berry and cherry fruits. Vanilla and concomitant spices from the oak. Beautifully constructed, multilayered, excellent mid-palate and a long gently waning ending.

Premier South African Designer Carrol Boyes

This is a serious food wine and will go well with meats which have caramelly bits on them like roasts, pan fried, grilled or braaied. Those caramelly bits are known as The Maillard Reaction – a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars. Casseroles and slow cooked dishes don’t have these.

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