Bradley Solomons, Concierge at The Table Bay is on his way to the “Hotel Oscars”, The Distell Inter Hotel Challenge 2019…

Bradley Solomons, Concierge at The Table Bay

Bradley Solomons, Concierge at The Table Bay joins the team of enthusiastic food and wine enthusiasts, Jonathon Wakefield (Sommelier candidate), Dalise Stynfaard (Bakery candidate) and Kurt de Wet (Chef candidate) representing the hotel in the prestigious Distell Inter Hotel Challenge 2019. He will represent The Table Bay on concierge and service aspects in the competition which is one of the hospitality industry’s major showcases of food, wine and spirits pairing. This multi-faceted challenge, sponsored by Distell, is a respected platform for highlighting the talent and expertise of trainees, and giving them an opportunity to shine.

 Solomons, who has been working at The Table Bay for five years, was born and raised in Cape Town. His mother was a chef by profession and instilled in him at a young age an interest in the hospitality industry.

He started his career at the tender age of 19 at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. He took on his first role as Houseman with tremendous gusto and during his time at the hotel, he trained in different departments including room service, conference and banqueting, reception, reservations and maintenance.

The Table Bay Hotel – view of Table Mountain

Solomons says working in Concierge where he deals with diverse guests and cultures from around the world is extremely rewarding.

“Every day is different at work. To wake up and realise that it’s a brand-new day, with new challenges as well as interactions with guests is exciting. The reward is to be part of a Concierge team that continually exceeds guests’ expectations. We are in the business of making their stays at Table Bay Hotel memorable. Our goal is to make them want to return in the not too distant future. I am very hands on and always strive to service and assist our guests to the best of my ability. I love helping to create the perfect experience for them.”

He says he is still inspired by working at The Table Bay which has established itself as the best address in Cape Town

“It is the perfect location for a holiday, work conferences and meetings. The staff and management are like a family, which makes working at the hotel very special.”

Solomons is thrilled to be participating in the 2019 Distell Inter Hotel Challenge – dubbed as the “Hotel Oscars” for the first time.

“I am excited in every way and I am looking forward to meeting people from the industry. Of course, this competition will be a great learning experience for me. I also hope to be acknowledged as a source of information, experience and knowledge.”

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