Books for Summer – James Martin’s Great British Adventure is a celebration of great British food…

James Martin’s Great British Adventure

I was fortunate to meet James Martin in Cape Town at a Good Food & Wine Show some years ago and spent many happy moments with him in between his demonstrations and appearances. Very very nice man, with a wealth of knowledge of food, yet so quintessentially British in his approach.

His latest book, James Martin’s Great British Adventure is a ‘celebration of great British food with 80 fabulous recipes’. Excellent photography by Peter Cassidy. The book is divided simply into Starters & Snacks, Fish, Shellfish, Poultry and Game, Meat, and Puddings & Cakes. Simple divisions but each one full of great food ideas and people from as far south as the Isle of Wight and as far north into the Scottish Highlands. Tis well known Superstar TV Chef meets many of his equally well known Cheffy friends, wine makers, whisky distillers, fishermen and and and…

The book is full of comfort food and if you had a British grandmother; this is mostly the food she would have cooked.

This is quintessential modern British Food, packaged with clear recipes anyone can follow and richly illustrated with people and food.

Perfect Christmas Gift.

Published by Quadrille, an imprint of Hardie Grant Publishers

Distributed in South Africa by Jonathan Ball Publishing

ISBN 978-1-78713-374-7


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