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tasty-wastenotsTasty Wastenots

This is one of the first South African Cookbooks which deals with a new era in cooking where everything is used and nothing gets wasted.

jason-5-copyJason Whitehead

Written by two Cape Town favourites, Sally-Ann Creed and Jason Whitehead.  Sally-Ann is a Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist and is perhaps best known as co-author of The Real Meal Revolution, though she has written 6 books, is highly regarded as an international speaker and works on radio and television. Jason is a Chef, Presenter and Food Consultant who is a trained chef, has owned catering companies and restaurants and used his talents to produce meals for some luminaries around the world.

sally-ann-creed-683x10241Sally-Ann Creed

The book takes you through from breakfast to lunch and dinner and out on the patio to the braai. There is a ‘nutritional facts’ piece with each recipe. A wastenot tips chapter, a chapter ‘for our furry friends’.

I am happy to have a copy of this book.  It is a serious book. I found it needed a couple of nights on the bedside table to read through and absorb all the fabulous food information before taking it down the passage to join my favourites on the kitchen shelf.

It could become a real favourite and you might just find yourself turning to it often.

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