Biostilla Organic Gin – gin is in, and so is this excellent organic example. Made from ecologially sound soft wheat and botanicals….

Biostilla Organic Gin

Gin is in!  Big Time! And there are a number of excellent small craft gin distilleries in Cape Town alone. So, what’s next – well it’s Organic Gin. And here we have one of the first on our shelves Biostilla. From the South Tyrol region of northern Alpine Italy.

It was here in that in 1966 that Alfons Walcher started distilling grapes from his own vineyards. His Grappa was a huge success. So much so that Alfons and his three sons built a modern distillery in 2003. New products and processes, like thei small water bath stills came into being for which they won many awards.

Juniper Berries en branche

The Biostilla Organic Gin is made from local soft ecologically sound wheat. It is made in the style known as London Dry Gin.  Named thus as the distilling process was first used in London where the botanicals are distilled with the spirits rather than adding them later as in a Dutch Style Gin.

From an elegant attractively shaped and decorated bottle. In the glass, it is white diamond clear. The first whiffs are of pine and juniper. On entry, the soft juniper and pine leaf are followed mid palate by lime and windfall orange citrus with a gentle Seville orange bitterness. Other botanicals used are coriander seeds, Clary Sage flowering tops, orris root and elderflowers. The alcohol is pleasantly present.

Barker & Quinn Finest Indian Tonic Water

This is either a sipping gin in a short glass with ice, or add a good tonic like the Barker & Quinn. Nibbly bits like BBQ nuts – not too much salt.

Joseph Kasongo & his knowledgable team

This more than very pleasant gin, is already being enjoyed at Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel in the Sansibar.  Here Joseph Kasongo and his team will mix a great glass for you.  There are over 320 gins in the bar, the biggest in South Africa.

Read more about Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel – CLICK HERE

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