AGA Cookers & Fireplaces showcase at Hyde Park Corner

Beautiful dark blue Aga Cooker
AGA South Africa invites you to see the AGA in its full glory, at Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Johannesburg, 16 – 22 May, where AGA Cookers and Fireplaces will be proudly on display. Whether you’re planning to build your own house, renovate, re-model, or simply looking for the most-loved luxury cooker and/or fireplace to warm your home, then the AGA is the perfect addition.
Mention the word AGA to any owner and there will be an instant and emotional response. To hundreds of thousands of devotees, the AGA is a way of life. AGA owners adore their cooker and find it difficult to imagine life without it. Since the very first AGA cooker was installed over 90 years ago, the cooker has taken root in the hearts and lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You’ll be amazed at just how much an AGA can do and the delicious food it can produce. What’s more, the new generation of AGA cookers are built for modern life and can be programmed in a way that suits your lifestyle. There truly is an AGA model to suit every home and lifestyle.
AGA Fireplace

An AGA fireplace is the ultimate addition to any home – it’s available with several fuel options and is equally at home in a traditional or modern setting. They offer understated style, classic design and exquisite detail.

Join us in Hyde Park to see the AGA in all its glory. On display will be the AGA Six-Four, City60, fireplaces and cookware. Plus you can take the opportunity of 10% off selected AGA Cookware.

AGA represents a lifestyle, one that owners embrace and share fervently with others.

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