5 minutes with Frans Groenewald, Chef Patron at Gabriëlskloof Restaurant, Bot River…

5 minutes with Frans Groenewald

The Restaurant at Gabriëlskloof celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and marks the occasion with a special menu of greatest hits. Presenting some of the most popular dishes of this Botriver wine estate eatery, the menu will be on offer for the months of October and November.

“It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed,” declares chef patron Frans Groenewald, who launched the venue in 2009 with his wife, Mariaan. “It was while working in London that we all first dreamt of owning a restaurant like this.” Frans and Mariaan have continued to build the restaurant’s award-winning status. Central to its success has been many customers-turned-friends who love the restaurant’s inimitable Overberg country style.

Gabriëlskloof Wontons

Where did you train as a chef?
Warwick Chef School Hermanus

What do you like to eat most?
At home nothing beats a good braai with friends

What’s your least favourite food?
Can’t think that there is such a thing….mmm…no i like all food!!

Happy diners

Do you have a childhood, Mom or Gran food memory?
My mother ran a catering company. Many Saturday night Weddings come to mind where I had to help.

What is your morning routine?
Coffee, coffee, coffee

From where do you draw your inspiration?
From my family, travels, local restaurants, staff’s input

Pork belly with sweet potato hummus & Dukkah

What’s your Favourite Dish you are cooking now?
Pork belly with sweet potato hummus and Dukkah

Favourite Cooking Tools?
I’m not big on gadgets, old school rules

What is your ideal neighbourhood eatery?
A place that cooks good food and where my kids can also be happy

The Gabriëlskloof Ultimate Burger

Always in your fridge at home?
Good cheese, butter, wine, matured rib eye steak, good mustard

Name 6 food items you would take to a Desert Island.
Eggs, butter, flour, spices, beef….the fish and other seafood we will catch there!

What is your Desert-Island Disc?
Time of my life from the movie Dirty Dancing

Gabrielskloof Magdalena

Your most underrated Wine?
I love all our Gabriëlskloof & Crystallum Wines

Your craziest Wine or Food or Equipment Purchase?
Went to a spice shop in the Bo-Kaap and went crazy

Saturday night after service tipple?
Gabriëlskloof’s Cabernet Franc from the landscape series or a nice whisky

Gabriëlskloof Butternut & Barley risotto

Restaurant peeve?
People who don’t show up for their booking

Your key wardrobe Item?
Shorts and plakkies

Talent you would like to have.
To be able to play a music instrument

Bees in your bonnet?
Rude people

The late Roger Vergé of Moulins de Mougins

Restaurant memento?
My signed Roger Vergé book, which I received when I worked there

Who is your Music person?
Laurika Rauch

Well known South African Crime Writer, Deon Meyer

Bedside Book?
Deon Meyer’s Books

Fictional Character with whom you identify?
My staff say Captain America

Raymond Blanc

One guest for dinner – who would that be?
Raymond Blanc

Routine after lunch or dinner service?
A drink with my staff and chat about the service

I’m currently working on….
Summer Menus

Kol Kol Mountain Lodge

My favourite weekend getaway is….
Kol Kol Mountain Lodge

Whisky, a painting by Julian Merrow Smith

Guilty Pleasures?
Whisky & Cheese

One day, I will….
Look back at my life and be happy

Gabriëlskloof  Sago Pudding

How can people contact your restaurant?

Gabriëlskloof Restaurant

Telephone 0282849865 Ext 2

N2, Swartriver Road, Botriver

Email restaurant@gabrielskloof.co.za

Website www.gabrielskloof.co.za

GPS  34°14’19.88″S, 19°15’9.69″E


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