Clifton Gin, born of the sea. A welcome addition to the South African Gin cannon…

Clifton 1, a Sipping Gin

Born of the sea, Clifton Gin is an iconic new addition to the luxury spirits sector. The vision for this ocean-inspired signature set of gins, founded by South African born Silvana Bottega, was the sheer refreshing burst of the Atlantic Ocean and the soft golden sand of the Cape’s most exclusive beach, Clifton.

Silvana Bottega

When it came to creating my own gin from scratch, I first explored the botanicals in their pure form and then carefully worked out the key components I wanted in each gin composition. We did various experiments with kelp, fynbos and tea.

I started experimenting with botanicals. I trusted in a master distiller, Kobus Gelderblom, to steer the final blending, and we laboured over the final composition until we felt we had found something which could stand the test of time and would offer a smoothness and yet have a refreshing character that stood out

Clifton2, a Cocktail Gin

We started by tasting the Clifton 2, a Cocktail gin. The bold flavours make for easy dilution in a cocktail.

Notes of kelp and fynbos, cucumber and buchu. Nice oily mouthfeel with aromas of citrus, cucumber, apple mint. Refreshing, and as easy to drink over ice as in a cocktail. Perfect with a flavoured tonic water.

The Clifton Sipping Gin

This is a gentler spirit. It has the classical aromatics of citrus peel, coriander and cardamom, with camomile and honeybush infusions. Creamy mouthfeel, smooth drinking and perfect over ice and perhaps a splash of bitters.

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