Withington Nguni Malbec 2015 – a Heritage Wine named for Heritage Cattle

Withington Nguni Malbec 2015

During this time while we celebrate Heritage Month, thoughts seem to turn to The Braai, supermarkets offer all sort of deals on meat and other outdoor products.  I think of our symbols which belong to us all.  The King Protea as the National Flower, Galjoen as the National Fish, the real Yellowwood as the National Tree and the beloved Springbok as the National Animal. For me, though it is not officially given any national status, the Nguni should be the National Cattle. Charles Withington from Darling pays homage to the Nguni with his Withington Nguni Malbec 2015.

Malbec Grapes ripening on the vine

Malbec, originally a Bordeaux wine grape, seems to have fallen out of favour at home. It is the Argentinians who have given it the fame I think it deserves. Here in the Cape, Malbec makes up but half a percent of the planting, yet those making wine from it are producing some great stuff. Charles is one of them making use of Darling grapes. Darling has warm days and cool nights with chilly breezes off the Benguela Current. The usual elevation in the cellar takes place slowly and gently with time taken from the village church clock.

From an elegantly labelled screw capped Bordeaux shape bottle. In the glass, a lovely opaque cherry plum red and also inky dark at the core which pales out to ruby at the edges. It smell like sappy red berries and roadside brambles. Full ‘feel’ in the mouth from entry to mid palate and through to the satisfying end.

Charles Withington of The Darling Wine Shop

When I think of Argentinian food, I think of the Asado where whole sheep are cooked, spatchcocked on frames over big open fires. Lamb on the braai, boerewors or some artisanal sausage, even a gentle fully flavoured lamb beef casserole are good partners.  A whole fillet cooked over coals and allowed to come to ambient temperature, then sliced, covered with dressed rocket and thinnest shards of parmesan cheese and a vinaigrette of Willow Creek Nuy Valley Extra Virgin Olive and the Willow Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Balsamic Vinegar.

All in all, a delicious and different wine experience.

Fabulous collection of Nguni Cattle

Nguni Cattle have been around prior to the birth of Christ. They were traded as dowries by the Nguni people and the skins were used by Shaka, King of the Zulus for making uniforms for his troops.

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