wine4friends – let me help you find some new wine tastes…

Photograph by French photographer Mathieu Garçon at Le Lude

For quite a long time now, I have wanted to create a website which would answer the question so many ask of me, ‘what wine are you drinking now’ or ‘what’s your favourite wine at the moment.’ I always think of that well known 20th century wine and Champagne Ambassador, André Simon who said, ‘it is the wine in my glass at the moment.’ Rather cute but not very helpful to the questioner. So wine4friends came into being.

The Yellow Door Collective Owner, Dominique Kotze

However, this is not something that you launch into without a lot of work, and wine tasting, and website design. My partners in this venture are essential to putting the wine4friends project together. Then I met Dominique Kotze and Emma Donavan who own The Yellow Door Collective, a busy buzzy little digital marketing company in the heart of Cape Town’s City Bowl. And we were more than half way there. This amazing team which would later include Rinette Biesenbach.

The Yellow Door Collective Owner, Emma Donovan

Then we had to devise a way of getting your wine4friends case of wine to your door, wherever you lived in South Africa. For me the obvious choice was The Vineyard Connection, a super efficient wine moving company owned by Johan Rademan and his wife Lara Philp, whose family I have known through four generations. It is these two people with their team who moves all the thousands of bottles of wine from producers to the tasters for the Platter’s Guide to South African Wines.

Husband & Wife Team Lara Philp & Johan Rademan

There are some interesting wines in the three choices of wine4friends boxes we offer you. A couple of bottles of each so that you can see whether you like them and perhaps order a case or two of some of your favourites.

wine4friends is not a wine club, no membership fees, just good wine offers.

Here are some of the delights on offer…

Do go and have a look at the wine4friends website – CLICK HERE

I hope you will take the plunge, there are some great tastes on offer.