Weber Stuffed Christmas Turkey, coal roasted Sweet Potatoes & Weber–grilled Fresh Asparagus – Jackie Cameron

Jackie Camerons Weber Stuffed Christmas Turkey with Coal roasted Sweet Potatoes & Weber–grilled Fresh AsparagusJackie Cameron’s Weber Stuffed Christmas Turkey
Coal roasted Sweet Potatoes & Weber–grilled Fresh Asparagus

Jackie Cameron says: “This is a recipe for delicious pork filled and stuffed turkey with coal-roasted sweet potatoes… an appealing alternative to the traditional turkey and gammon that we (as a family) have always enjoyed on Christmas Day. Get out those knives and start tunnel boning. “

Weber Stuffed Christmas Turkey with coal roasted Sweet Potatoes
& Weber–grilled Fresh Asparagus

Serves 8 portions

Stuffed Turkey

3.5kg Whole Turkey, deboned (will weigh about 2.5kg after complete de–boning)
500gr Pork Fillets, smoked if possible, with all sinew removed

Stuffing ingredients
160gr Onions, chopped
295gr Bacon, chopped
500gr Pork Sausages, mince removed from the casing
250gr Chicken livers, cleaned
35gr Pecan nuts, roasted and roughly chopped
3 Whole Eggs
90ml Brandy
2.5ml Nutmeg Powder
125gr Fresh Breadcrumbs
Oryx Desert Salt and Black Pepper, to season

Sauté the onions and bacon together, set aside.

Mix all the ingredient together. Season well with the salt and black pepper.

Put a layer or two of plastic wrap on your board. Lay the turkey flat onto a working surface, skin side on the outside or downside. Take a rolling pin and lightly flatten the turkey to get an even thickness. Place the stuffing on the turkey meat, not placing all the way to the end, leaving an open space to prevent the stuffing from oozing out when rolling.

Place the pork fillets in the centre of the stuffing, like a long tube (like top to toe). Roll the turkey tightly, using the plastic to help this process, creating a long roll. Now truss the turkey roll, using string (use a medium-weight, natural, undyed, all cotton string).

Take a piece of string (almost ten times the length of the turkey roll) and wrap this around the length of your turkey (making sure the end sides are tucked in well) to almost form a loop – knot this tightly. Then do the width; take your string from the bottom and start wrapping the turkey widthways and when getting to the already centre, tight string tuck this string under the centre string and continue going around the turkey and continue the process. Keep these width string lines as close as possible to keep the filling tight, 2cm is ideal.

Weigh the turkey roll; it should weigh about 3.5kg, this will determine the cooking time. For every 1kg the turkey needs to cook 20 minutes of cooking. Plus then an extra 90 minutes.

The turkey roll will be cooked on the Weber, using indirect heat (placing 35 coals on each side).

Place the turkey onto the ready to use hot Weber Grill, close the lid. The temperature should be about 210⁰C. Try too not open the lid during the cooking time.

The temperature will drop to around 180⁰C, after about an hour or so but should not go any lower. Cook the turkey for about 2.5 hours (depending on your weight).

Remove from the Weber, cover with foil and allow the turkey to rest for about 15 minutes. Remove the string, cut into slices and serve.

Sweet Potatoes
2 (180gr) super large Sweet Potatoes

Take a fork and poke the sweet potatoes. Place the sweet potatoes, in the Weber, between the indirect heat coals. Ensure the sweet potatoes are really large, they will cook for the same time as the turkey.

When cooked and really soft remove from the Weber, and serve with lashings of butter, salt and black pepper.

2 punnets Fresh Asparagus

Hold both the ends of the asparagus and bend, allowing the asparagus to snap. Keep the tip and throw away the bottom woody piece.

About 10 minutes before the turkey is being removed from the Weber, place the asparagus onto the grill next to the turkey, to grill. When removing the turkey, the asparagus should also be cooked and seared beautifully.

Season well with salt and pepper.

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Jackie CameronJackie Cameron in her whites

Victor Strugo writes – Born into a family with a healthy food culture, Jackie Cameron knew upon graduating that a diploma is a beginning, not an end. Taking over as kitchen commander at Hartford House in the KZN Midlands at only 20, her style of fine dining instinctively tempered youthful exuberance with uncannily inherited wisdom, creating menus distinguished by thoughtful structure, textural sensitivity and clever pacing of delicacy and intensity across successive courses. Through the next a decade, her star has continued to rise, confidently shaping a young brigade to harmonise modern global trends with classical principles – thereby turning a bucolic location into a must-visit gourmet destination.

Now Jackie opened her own Cookery School, exciting times ahead.

She as her own range of chef’s wear.

Visit Jackie’s website – click here

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