Vriesenhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2017, delicious with my deconstructed Sushi, so easy to make…

Vriesenhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2017

If there is someone in the winelands who knows how to deal with the Burgundian grape varieties, it is Jan Boland Coetzee of Vriesenhof Wine Estate against the foothills of the Helderberg in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation.

Nicky Claasens, winemaker & Jan Boland Coetzee Cellarmaster at Vriesenhof

Long a protagonist of Pinotage, Jan and his Winemaker Nicky Claasens produce a wide range of wines using noble grape varieties. With the growing trend towards unwooded Chardonnay, The Vriesenhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2017 is a prime example of allowing excellent quality fruit shine, untrammelled by oak.

Chardonnay grapes ripening on the vine

Bottled under screw cap in a Burgundy shaped bottle with the elegant Vriesenhof label. In the glass, it is a pale straw gold in colour with occasional lime green flashes. There is a generosity of fruit on the nose which is followed through on entry. A delicate, crisp wine which swirls through the mid palate with sweet tropical limes, windfall oranges, fresh sliced pears and split ripe white fleshed peaches. Nice acidity, like that of poached cape gooseberries or passion fruit. The aftertaste is zippy and refreshing, long and gently waning.

Steenberg Ruby Rosé 2017My deconstructed Sushi with Avocado & Salmon Trout

The Vriesenhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2017 is a fine sipper at sundown. It is wonderful with food. Particularly Oriental foods sushi and sashimi and gentle vegetarian curries from Kerala. My Deconstructed Sushi with Avocado & Salmon Trout will allay any fears of making sushi, so do give it a try. Just season your rice well, it makes such a difference. I made this dish on the morning Expresso Breakfast Show to the delight of many viewers.

Deconstructed Sushi with Avocado & Salmon Trout.

What you’ll need
8 sheets nori
1 small carrot – cut into matchsticks
¼ English Cucumber – peeled & cut into matchsticks
1 red pepper – cut into matchsticks
1 ripe avocado – diced
100g smoked salmon trout – cut into matchsticks
500ml cold cooked sushi rice
red, white or rice wine vinegar
castor sugar
sea salt
freshly milled black pepper
soy sauce
pickled ginger
wasabi flavoured mayonnaise.

What you’ll do
Toast the seaweed briefly over an open flame.  Prepare the vegetables, avocado and fish and set aside.  In a bowl season the rice well with the vinegar, castor sugar, sea salt and freshly milled black pepper.  Gently stir in the vegetables and fish.  Place a sheet of nori on each of 4 plates and divide the rice/vegetable mixture between them.  Cover with a sheet of nori and serve with pickled ginger and wasabi flavoured mayonnaise.

Serve 4 as a first course to a meal.

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