Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Pinot Noir Rosé MCC with Dianne Bibby’s Mediterranean Tuna Salad – 08.01.2018

Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Pinot Noir Rosé MCC

Perdeberg Winery, is situated in the foothills of the Perdeberg [Horse Mountain], named thus for the ‘wilde paarden’ found there when the first settlers arrived some three hundred and fifty years ago. The ‘wilde paarden’ were the Cape Mountain Zebra which roamed this area at that time. Sadly, there are now a few ‘pods’ of Cape Mountain Zebra which share the type, but have no contact with others of their breed.

Albertus Louw, Perdeberg Cellarmaster

Known as ‘The Home of Chenin Blanc’, Perdeberg produces wines from a variety of grapes grown by its suppliers. Most of them unirrigated bush vine plantings. Over recent years, Albertus Louw, Cellarmaster has taken parcels of grapes to produce premiumised ranges, the Dry Land Collection and the Vineyard Collection.

Choosing excellent quality Pinot Noir coming in from the vineyards, Albertus has made Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Pinot Noir Rosé MCC. Made by the traditional Champagne style with a second fermentation in the bottle. This is called Méthode Cap Classique, abbreviated to MCC.

Pinot Noir ripening on the vine

It looks like
Packed in a flint [clear glass] bottle, with an elegant label, foiling on top hiding the natural cork closure and the wire muzzle holding it in place. In the glass, a youthful cherry blossom pink.

It smells like
At present in youth, it is all about crisp fresh berries. Full flavoured strawberries, chunky watermelon and cherry pastille.

It tastes like
Crisp, fresh, good definition of the palate of the red berries, particularly tart berries like raspberries. There is some of the toasty almond biscotti which becomes more prominent as the wine ages. Lovely refreshing glass.

Dianne Bibby’s Mediterranean Tuna Salad

It’s good with
This is a great glass in the middle of the morning, or watching the sun go down. Naturally one would want to have oysters, smoked salmon or trout, angelfish or ceviche. Think of it as an any time wine, not necessarily one only for celebration. A perfect salad for entertaining is Dianne Bibby’s Mediterranean Tuna Salad. Click here for her recipe.

Dianne Bibby

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Read more about Perdeberg Winery – CLICK HERE. Do go and visit where they serve delicious Tapas Lunches, and their Hops & Co craft beers.

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