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A The Imibala Trust Office copyThe Home of The Imibala Trust
Bright Street, SomersetWest

The Imibala Restaurant is an integral part of the Imibala Village in Bright Street, Somerset West. The driving force behind the business is the Imibala Trust, which focuses on changing lives of the school-going children.

A The Imibala Trust Computer CentreThe Imibala Trust Computer Centre

How does one “change lives” in this day and age when the reduction of poverty remains a national and global challenge?

The Imibala Trust change lives through measurable interventions that make a direct impact on the children’s attitude to excellence, commitment to attending school, and belief in a viable future that they themselves have carved out and taken ownership of, and will determine.

Uniforms for The Imibala Trust ChildrenUniforms waiting for The Imibala Trust Children

The Imibala Trust attracts investments not once-off donations, which can do little for the child, through investment funding from supporters, the children get a school uniform which (they have discovered) directly improves their school grades, their attendance at school and their participation in programmes and experiences designed to enhance the learning environment. As some sponsors decide to sponsor learners on an on-going basis, following children and supporting them through High School has become an important feature of Imibala going forward. With no school uniform to make them feel normal, these children feel ostracized and excluded. They remain, forgotten.

Childrens Art on DisplayChildrens Art on Display

Imibala runs Art Classes, Drama, Pottery, Music Appreciation and a Gifted Child programme all uniquely designed, monitored and evaluated to ensure the betterment, advancement and sense of well-being of the children we serve. Their alternative without Imibala is to succumb to social ills, peer pressure and hostile advances from neighbourhood gangs and other ills of modern society.

Where does a Restaurant fit into all this wonderful development work?

Nicole Dupper outside Imibala Restaurant & DeliNicole Dupper outside Imibala Restaurant & Deli

Well, the Imibala Restaurant itself is a donor to the Big Effort. It attract patrons who have been supporting the work of the Trust for many years, as well as new Trust supporters who see the children coming for school-clothes, art and drama classes in our beautiful precinct. On any given afternoon, the ringing sound of children singing, laughing and dancing goes through the restaurant, giving credence to the notion that smiling children make everyone smile….this is not a desperate horror story of human deprivation.

It is rather a story of great hope….. that the next generation of children in the Region are more likely to succeed at school, get a job, take responsibility for their future and integrate with a stable middle class attitude of family, fairness and fortitude.

B Chili Salt Patagonian Squid with Chili SauceChili Salt Patagonian Squid with Chili Sauce

The dishes on the Imibala Restaurant menu, created by the chef, Nicole Dupper, are delicious, fresh, and provocative. There is an eclectic choice of wines as well, and the deli offers all manner of bakes, preserves, fresh recipe dishes and fresh fruit and vegetables. No compromise on taste, quality and visual appeal. Exactly the same with Imibala programmes. They are all colourful, innovative and hugely enjoyable. “Imibala” means colours in Xhosa and our imaginative logo reflects colourful bands on the sound wave of a child laughing.

Esther MahlanguA  2014 piece by Esther Mahlangu

The Imibala Art Gallery, next door to the restaurant, always has exciting art work on view, right now the work of the iconic Ndabele Artist Esther Mahlangu is on show.

The Imibala Shopping PrecinctThe Imibala Shopping Precinct

There is also a shopping precinct within the trust complex – ideal for your Christmas gift shopping.

The Imibala Trust has successfully challenged the space of philanthropy. It can happen within your very kitchen, within a precinct where lives are changed and future South African leaders are grown. Where we celebrate all the offerings of this great country, food, wine and the best of all……our children.

uniforms-b-(medium)Happy faces, all kitted out

Visit the Restaurant at 18 Bright Street, Somerset West. Do book in advance.

Find out more about The Imibala Trust and how you can sponsor a child as many do, by CLICKING HERE.

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