The Best Marinated Rib-eye Steak – Dianne Bibby

Dianne Bibbys Best marinated Rib Eye SteakDianne Bibbys Best marinated Rib Eye Steak

Dianne says, “When meat is the hero of the dish, it’s so important to choose the best quality you can afford. It’s worthwhile to source free-range, grass-fed beef as the taste is without a doubt superior. The fat or marbling will look slightly more yellow that white, which indicates that the cattle are indeed grass-fed. With South Africa producing some of the best cuts of meat in the world, the choices are endless. Rump, sirloin or beef fillet are fantastic alternatives. Do remember that fillet is extra lean and will require care when cooking to prevent drying out. The outside of the meat needs some serious heat to scorch the sugars and to deliver a gorgeous caramelised crust with a blushingly pink centre. Whooha! (Yes, that is a word)

I’ve kept the measurements for the marinade simple and easy to remember. There’s literally 2 of everything which makes this a super-handy little recipe to keep in your back pocket. I think I’ll call it the 2 x 2 marinade for meat.

As with most things in life, less is usually more, but if you’d like to up the ante, serve with dollops of my homemade Rocket and Basil Pesto. Herby pesto with sweetly charred rib-eye steak and this deal is done. Come on boys, cook the ladies some steak…..

Best Marinated Rib-eye Steak

olive oil, for frying (if you’re not doing the steaks on the braai/barbecue)
2 rib-eye steaks (about 700g in total)

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons (reduced salt), soy sauce
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 stems rosemary, de-stalked
1 clove garlic, bruised
generous pinch dried red chilli flakes
freshly ground black pepper

Place all the marinade ingredients in a non-metallic dish and mix to combine. Lay the meat in the marinade, coat on one side and turn over. Wrap with cling film and chill overnight or at least 8 hours. I usually turn the meat once to ensure the flavour is absorbed evenly.

Remove the meat from the fridge and bring to room temperature. If you’re pan frying, heat a griddle pan until searingly hot. Drizzle a little olive oil on the meat and season with sea salt. Place the meat in the pan and cook for about 3 – 4 minutes. Turn and cook for an additional 3 minutes or to your liking. Pour the remaining marinade over the meat to deglaze the pan and turn the meat to coat in the sticky pan juices. If you’re doing the meat over the coals, baste the rib-eye with the left-over marinade while on the coals. Cover the meat with foil and rest for a couple of minutes before carving. Serve as is or with pesto and sides.

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Dianne BibbyDianne Bibby at work

Dianne Bibby is a former fashion designer, turned food enthusiast and avid cook. At 36 she hung up her fashionable hat, tied on her kitchen apron and started on a new culinary journey.

Her kitchen is a creative gathering place where meals are shared with family and friends, celebrating life and nurturing our connectivity. For Dianne food is relational and pivotal to the way in which she expresses love, care and hospitality. Currently she spends most of her time developing recipes and teaching group cooking classes.

Says Dianne, “My food philosophy is relatively uncomplicated with inspiration being drawn from diverse global food trends and seasonal produce. My recipes are not exclusively tied to any particular food preference but rather an exploration of all foods that are vibrant and fresh.”

Dianne hopes that you will be motivated and inspired to try something new, making the time you spend in the kitchen deeply satisfying and rewarding.

She’d love to hear from you – CLICK HERE

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