Tant Sannie – Tradisionele Poeding in a glass, the perfect Milk Tart…

Tant Sannie – tradisionele Poeding in a glass

There is hardly a more traditional pudding in South Africa than the Milk Tart. There are many countries which make great milk or custard tarts. I think of the fabulous Pasteis de Nata from the well-known old Bakery near the Tower of Belem on the banks of the River Tagus in Lisbon. The Custard Tart of England, the Custard Slice of Australia and in Macau, India. The early Portuguese colonisers brought not only chillies and tomatoes to India but the Pasteis de Nata. This version made its way to Hong Kong where the chef’s of Guangzhou made them for the British.

Melktert, is now available as a delicious cream ‘shooter.’ I was told this week about the research and development that went into this product. It has turned out as an utterly delicious drink which if course is a perfect match for the Melktert and versions thereof.

Tant Sannie with a slice of Melktert

Best served chilled with a dessert, even in the late afternoon to ladies who bridge. The millennials are into shooters in a big way, so Tant Sannie is very de rigueur where the young are gathered.

From a specially created bottle, in the colour of an eggy Melktert, closed with a screw cap. In the glass, it is a rich yellow cream. Delicious harmonius aromas and flavours of Melktert fill the mouth with an undertow of vanilla and the gentle hum of cinnamon, which you could sprinkle on top delicately. Be generous, Tant Sannie like, and serve it is a good sized glass.

Dianne Bibbys Milk Tart Crepe CakeDianne Bibby’s Milk Tart Pancake Mille-Feuille

Chill it. Pour it over ice, pour it over ice cream, pour it over French toast. Or you could go grand and serve it with Dianne Bibby’s Milk Tart Pancake Mille-Feuille. Click HERE for her recipe.

Dianne Bibby, Johannesburg Food Guru, recipe developer, photographer, teacher

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