Morgenster – the liquid gold that is Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Harvesting on Morgenster Having grown up on a farm where my parents had a large olive grove, olives are part of my life.  While I grew up in a butter based cuisine, over the last 20 years or so, we have cooked with olive oil at home. Recently I was invited to go and

Willow Creek Olive Oil’s World Champion Status confirmed

Willow Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oils & the Awards Willow Creek is still the only South African brand on the list of global champions following the publishing of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Rankings (EVOOWR) – an achievement the Nuy Valley olive oil producer has now repeated for the third consecutive year. More medals

My Curried Chicken Patties with Willow Creek Oil

Curried Chicken Patties in Tomato Coconut Sauce in the pan before garnish Chicken patties are available in some supermarkets and if you prefer to use them, this recipe works as well. Chicken Patties You’ll need 2 large eggs 2 fat cloves garlic, peeled and mashed fine 2 tsp finely chopped parsley 2 Tbs cream Sea

Willow Creek Olive Oils in my Baked Marrows in Tomato & Parmesan

, Michael's Baked Marrows with Tomato & Parmesan Willow Creek Olives and Olive Oils are the product of the beautiful Nuy Valley the turnoff for which is on the national road between Worcester and Robertson. The oils, of which there is a wide award winning selection, also come infused with various flavours such as garlic,

Chicken with bacon & baby tomatoes, with Willow Creek Olive Oils

Chicken with bacon & baby tomatoes Quite often Madeleine will play in the kitchen with what we have in the fridge.  The result is usually a once off and always delicious.  And I find a suitable wine, this time the Constantia Royale Sauvignon Blanc 2016. We love using the Willow Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oils,

Willow Creek EVOO makes a great Frittata..31.12.2016

Gabrielle Kervella, with her goats Australian Cheese Legend I have a friend, Gabrielle Kervella, who lived in the Swan River Valley, north of Perth in the Swan River Valley.  She was a goat’s cheese legend in Australia, with her cheese being served way across the country in fine restaurants in Sydney. Having made frittatas at

Willow Creek Director’s Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, award winner

Willow Creek Director’s Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil I was driving through a vineyard the other day and found the rows interplanted with broad beans. If they had harvested them, they would have made a fortune!  I am so in love with Broad Beans, also known as Fava Beans. What to do with the beans?

Willow Creek Fricassée of Chicken

Willow Creek Chicken Fricassée I remember asking one of my teachers at the London Cordon Bleu Cookery, the legendary Rosemary Hume, what a fricassee was and she came up with such a complicated reply, that I have never actually known what it is.  My French dictionary this morning gives the English description of fricassee, so

Morgenster White Truffle Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morgenster White Truffle enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil There is a lovely Spanish proverb “Let a salad-maker be a spendthrift for oil, a miser for vinegar, a statesman for salt, and a madman for mixing.” Truffle hunters with their dogs The clever cook when using Morgenster White Truffle Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil will fall

Mulderbosch Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015 – 16.02.2016

Mulderbosch Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015 I read an article on the Internet recently, which said that winemakers make the best Olive Oil. I think it is a pretty broad-brush generalisation, there are some excellent oils produced by wine producers and Mulderbosch is one of them. The olives for the Mulderbosch EVOO 2015 come from

Willow Creek Olive Oil of Origin continues its winning ways – 31.01.2016

Baked Marrow in Bolognaise Sauce I am a great fan of Willow Creek Olive Oils, and enjoy using their infused oils particularly, the garlic, jalapeno and the parmesan being amongst my current favourites. For my recipe below, you will need a marrow at least 40 cm long. Perhaps one which hid itself under the leaves

Willow Creek Gourmet Squeeze – always something new out of Africa

Willow Creek Gourmet Squeeze - one litre It was Pliny the Elder, the Roman philosopher who legend has it said “ex Africa semper aliquid novi” – there is always something new out of Africa. Pliny the ElderRoman philosopher Andries Rabie, the CEO of Willow Creek, invented one of the cleverest little