Books for Cooks for Christmas – Dine van Zyl’s Potjiekos & Pot-Pourri

Dine van Zyl's Potjiekos & Pot-Pourri I have written before about Dine van Zyl where I suggested that she was a Living National Living Treasure.  She is a curator of traditional Boerekos and heritage foods.  She also promotes the use of Afrikaans, to many a language of great beauty, especially when it is used by

Books for Cooks for Christmas – Cass Abrahams, National Living Treasure

Cass Abrahams - A life with food Japan has an interesting award given to Living National Treasures.  It is given by the Government under Japan’s Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties to Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties. Should this ever happen here, on the Culinary front, Cass Abrahams will certainly be up near