KWV Emporium, Paarl, cellar door to iconic Wines & fine Potstill Brandy

KWV Brandy & Chocolate Tasting at The KWV Emporium The KWV Emporium is the cellar door sales venue for this iconic South African Wine Cellar and Distillery which is situated at the heart of the town of Paarl. A full range of the company’s products is available at the Emporium which is housed in the

Parmesan Pecan Swirls – Justine Wall

Parmesan Pecan Swirls – Justine Wall Justine says: “….quantities will work based on a pack of 375g puff pastry here. You will be cutting the rectangle in half, then rolling each half up into a sausage type shape, then cutting the rolled sausage into pieces. Placed on their little whorled sides, sealed with melted butter

Chocolate Florentines – Alida Ryder

Chocolate Florentines – Alida Ryder For Alida, Florentines are Mom memories.  She has not made them since her mother died some years ago.  Fortunately she made up this batch recently, with love and happy memories as ingredients, they taste so good. Chocolate Florentines Preparation time 10 minutes Cooking time 25 minutes Total time 35 minutes

Parmesan Tiles

Parmesan Tiles When we had our restaurant we often served Parmesan Tiles with soup in winter, or on salads in summer.  They are so easy to make.  They also make a delicious pre-dinner snack with a glass of fine brandy. What you’ll need 500 ml freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese or Grana Padano,

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