Books for Cooks – Delicious Low Carb

Delicious Low Carb - Sally-Ann Creed Sally-Ann Creed is elegantly monikered as a Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist.  As co-author of the brilliantly successful The Real Meal Revolution, she has already carved her name as a hero alongside the greats like Tim Noakes, David Grier and Jonno Proudfoot, her co-authors. She has a raft of other

Books for Cooks for Christmas – Tasty WasteNOTS

Tasty Wastenots This is one of the first South African Cookbooks which deals with a new era in cooking where everything is used and nothing gets wasted. Jason Whitehead Written by two Cape Town favourites, Sally-Ann Creed and Jason Whitehead.  Sally-Ann is a Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist and is perhaps best known as co-author of