What’s a Big Dog? An excellent MCC by John & Karen Loubser….

Silverthorn's CWG Auction MCC, The Big Dog Missing out on today’s Cape Winemaker’s Guild Annual auction of their fabulous wines and following the Twitter feed of my friends who are there, has been an interesting exercise. There are people who are prepared to pay for good wine, and good wine is what you get at

Cheese Straws – Ina Paarman

Cheese Straws - Ina Paarman Ina Paarman is the Queen of the South African kitchen. Her fabulous products have been with us for years helping us in our kitchens and offering sauces, seasons, pestos, and and and... You will need 250 g flour pinch of mustard powder Ina Paarman's Chilli & Garlic Seasoning 150 g