Fillet with Sauce Bèarnaise – Marlene van der Westhuizen

Marlene van der Westhuizen's Fillet with Sauce Bearnaise Marlene says, "Any steak served with this traditional hot, creamy sauce made from egg yolks and reduced vinegar will be delectably good. The first known béarnaise recipe was published during the eighteen hundreds in La Cuisinière de la Campagne et de la Ville by Louis-Eustache

Fried chicken & creamy coleslaw sandwich – Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder's Fried Chicken & Creamy Coleslaw Sandwich Cooking time 10 minutes Preparation time 20 minutes Total time 30 minutes Ingredients for the fried chicken Follow the recipe for my Ultimate Fried Chicken, simply substitute boneless chicken breasts (with skin) for chicken pieces. I halved this recipe for these sandwiches, using 4 chicken