Swartland Wine Cellar

Swartland Wine Cellar

Taking the West Coast Road out of Cape Town you’ll observe a change in vegetation within 40 minutes. Hectares of wheat and grapes stretch as far as the eye can see. You have reached the Swartland, labelled ” Het Zwarte Land ” by Jan van Riebeeck in reference to the indigenous ” renosterbos “, bush in which the Rhinoceros hide, which at certain times of the year appears black in colour.

An area rich in vines, culture and produce, this is one of the breadbaskets of South Africa. The Swartland boasts not only some of the best vineyards in the Cape region but also an annual olive festival amongst it’s many attractions.

It is here that Swartland Winery is situated just outside the town of Malmesbury. For nearly 60 years this Winery has tantalised the taste buds of discerning wine drinkers and annually achieves a number of awards.

Swartland Wines

Aimed at the younger market, the well-priced, easy drinking brand of the cheeky D’Vine range is packaged for easy partying. The signature and well-loved Swartland range of easy drinking, respected varietals offers a wide choice to those enjoying fresh and crisp cultivar wines. New on the market is Eagle Crest; a high quality range of six well crafted varietal wines. The premium wines are named Indalo a classic and sophisticated addition to the dinner table. Add to these the excellent Ports and sweet wines for which Swartland is well known and the discerning drinker is offered a wide choice with price points to suit any pocket.

Barrel Cellar

The Swartland Wines are quality driven and are renowned for their consistency. The winery was recently awarded the international ISO 9001:2000 and also boasts the British Retail Consortium Certificate (BRC) Global standard for Food. The recently upgraded cellar reflects all of their philosophies and offers a faster yet more controlled environment for processing the 23 000 tons of the harvest which ensures the quality and consistency of the Swartland Wines. A new niche cellar within the Winery is specially designated for premium wines.

The ideally suited soils and moderate climate are perfect for the cultivation of grapes of outstanding quality that are harvested from the 68 member farms, all in a 30km radius from the Winery. 80% of the grapes are from unirrigated bushvine vineyards. These produce a smaller grape berry with highly concentrated colour and flavour. The vineyards benefit from the constant cool breezes that blow off the Atlantic Ocean, effectively sustaining the microclimates.

Ensuring both quality and consistency is the team of Cellarmaster Andries Blake and winemakers Hugo Truter, Andries Eygelaar and Sean Nieuwoudt and viticulturist Johannes Mellet. All of them closely monitor all aspects of the cultivation, planting, harvesting, the cellaring, maturing and bottling of all the Swartland Wines.

A true gift of nature. And one that is easily yours to enjoy!

Winemaking Region – Swartland
Swartland celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008
On the R45, Malmesbury, Western Cape South Africa
Tel: 022-482-1134.
E-mail: mkotze@swwines.co.za Web: www.swwines.co.za

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