At The Table Bay Hotel, Spring is the time to experiment with sustainable fish dishes…

The Table Bay Hotel where Spring is the time to experiment with sustainable fish dishes

Spring brings brighter days and the desire to explore lighter dishes, with sustainable fish & seafood lending well to the season. Harnessing its location on the edge of the ocean, The Table Bay promises its guests the freshest fish and seafood while remaining true to its commitment to protect overexploited sea species.

“Seemingly ordinary fish can be extraordinary. The secret lies in the preparation. Guests are promised innovative options and the assurance that their choice to eat seafood responsibly is not compromised,” says The Table Bay’s Executive Chef, Keshan Rambarun.

The Table Bay’s Executive Chef, Keshan Rambarun

The Table Bay embraces Sun International’s sustainable fish & seafood promise and has committed to serving green listed seafood at its Camissa Brasserie. All fish and seafood products on its ever evolving menu are sourced from sustainable suppliers approved by the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI).

“As an environmentally conscious hotel, we have taken to heart our responsibility to use scarce and precious resources mindfully. This includes fish and seafood. We recognize that are oceans are being ravaged by unsustainable harvesting and that fish stocks must be protected to ensure that natural marine ecosystems are balanced. As such, we have committed wholeheartedly to Sun International’s group wide sustainable seafood strategy which is formalised by a Sustainability Seafood Policy,” explains Keshan.

The Camissa Brasserie at The Table Bay Hotel

For September, to hail the start of spring, Rambarun has included SASSI Squid Ink Pasta on the Camissa Brasserie menu.

“Reflecting the season, our SASSI Squid Ink Pasta is a refreshing composition of seasonal micro greens, exotic mushrooms; fresh, locally sourced Orange listed SASSI line fish, and squid ink spaghetti. It pairs well with crisp white wine on a fine spring day,” comments Keshan.

Keen to get people experimenting in the kitchen with sustainable fish & seafood, Rambarun shares the recipe for the SASSI Squid Ink Pasta dish.

The Table Bay’s Cape Salmon with Squid Ink Pasta

The Table Bay’s Cape Salmon with Squid Ink Pasta

4x200g fresh sustainable line fish such as Cape Salmon
120g butter
5g fine salt
4g fine white pepper
150g squid ink spaghetti
15ml lemon oil
150g  exotic mushrooms
60g shaved Parmesan cheese
10g micro greens
10g black sesame seeds

Preheat oven to 1800C. In a hot pan, sear the portioned line fish with half butter, salt and pepper to taste for about four minutes on each side. Then roast in the oven for about six minutes.

In a separate thick based pot, bring water to boil with 5g salt. Add the spaghetti and cook for 12 minutes and remove. Rinse pasta with cold water and dress with 15ml lemon oil.

Cut the exotic mushrooms into desired sizes and cook in a hot pan with the remaining butter, salt and pepper for about two minutes.

When plating, garnish the pasta with mushrooms, shaved Parmesan cheese, micro greens and black sesame seeds.

Cape Salmon, also known as Geelbek

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