Southern Cross Gin, a craft gin made with waters from the southernmost tip of Africa…

Southern Cross Gin

Southern Cross Gin is a unique small batch Gin, inspired by a love of Africa, all things nautical, intrigue for our Southern skies and travel, fathers handing down traditions to their sons…

Southern Cross Gin is made from grape spirit which is triple distilled Pinotage Wine and a blend of sea water taken from the confluence of the two major oceans which meet at the southernmost tip of Africa. Some from the cooler Atlantic Ocean side and some from the warmer Indian Ocean. A further small component is artesian well water from Môrelig Farm.

Delicious with Tonic and lemon

The gin is distilled with a number of botanicals each of which brings its own unique aromas and flavours to the final product. African Chamomile is used as well as Blue Mountain Sage, Overberg Buchu, Kapokbos (Wild Rosemary), Fennel, Coriander, Lemon & Orange Peel, Pepper, Clove, Cardamom, Blue & Blackberries, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rooibos, Sage, Angelica Root, Naartjie, Jasmine and Scottish Juniper.  A classical London Dry Gin – where all the botanicals are distilled with the gin, rather than added afterwards like a Dutch Gin. The final product is 43% alcohol by volume.

Barker & Quin, a favourite local Tonic Water

It looks like
Beautifully packed in a bespoke 750ml bottle which has a map of the southern skies on one side which you see when you look through the transparent label. The closure is a glass stopper covered in wax with a clever little pull tag to remove the upper part of the wax. In the glass, a gem bright transparent liquid.

It smells like
The nose is a complex layered one with a fresh minerality, sweet tropical spices and delicate floral whiffs.

It tastes like
Beautiful soft feel in the mouth, no edges. Citrus and spice flavours in the long aftertaste.

It’s best served with…
Works really well with fresh passion fruit, simple syrup, ice and a Barker & Quinn Tonic. Sip it neat over large ice blocks of ice.  Keep the bottle in the fridge, ready for cool drinking.


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