Sip on inspiration at The Table Bay…

Sip on Inspiration at The Union Bar, The Table Bay Hotel on the V & A Waterfront

Sip on Inspiration, Innovative cocktails, a spectacular setting, and charismatic barmen make summer sundowners nothing short of inspiring at Cape Town’s Best Address, The Table Bay. The bar tenders at the hotel’s Union Bar are encouraged to explore with fresh ingredients and liquor combinations to bring exciting twists to age old favourites and offer guests the delight of something new. Through their conversations with guests from around the world, they are inspired to create extraordinary drinks which eventually become specialities on the menu, such as the Elderflower Martini and the Smokey Rose cocktail.

The Union Bar is an inviting space to meet, connect and relax. A comfortable space with quiet corners to retreat to or tables to socialize at. Guests can savour a variety of drinks and cocktails from the bar, and enjoy a selection of light meals from the menu which has recently been refreshed to reflect The Table Bay’s focus on fresh, seasonal and local fare.

The Table Bay Hotel at night, from the Harbour

Amongst the wholesome and satisfying snacks on the bar menu are homemade chicken and coconut skewers; handmade peppadew poppers with coriander; mini barbeque beef skewers with fries; miniature boerewors rolls with caramelized onion, and pulled pork sliders with apple slaw. For something authentically South African, there is the Union Bar’s hearty biltong and cheese slap chips with jalapeno mayo.

Marc Weber & Julia Situma

Marc Weber, Food and Beverage Manager at The Table Bay says; “We love talking to our guests to find out what they enjoy. Oftentimes, a drink mixed for someone, using uncharacteristic ingredients, takes us on a voyage of discovery which results in some unique combinations. Guests can always expect something out of the ordinary at The Table Bay.”

The Smokey Rose

The Smokey Rose cocktail recipe for those who want to Sip on Inspiration and taste The Table Bay at home.


Sugar syrup
12.5ml hot water
12.5g fine sugar

25ml bourbon
25ml gin
75ml pineapple juice
25ml lime juice
25ml sugar syrup
5ml bitters

Garnish (optional)
Dried pineapple
Rose petals


  1. Prepare the sugar syrup by mixing the hot water and fine sugar together. Then allow it to cool.
  2. Add all the cocktail ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds.
  3. Strain the ingredients over ice into a tumbler and garnish with dried pineapple.
  4. For the dried pineapples; place thinly sliced pineapple under a preheated grill for five minutes.

Information from The Table Bay Hotel

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