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When you are a good cook, like Alida Ryder, and it comes from the heart, you start a blog,  That’s what you do.

Alida Ryder

Then in 2010, your first year, you go and win The Best Wine and Food Blog, and the Best New Blog.  That’s evidently also what you do.

You then spend the next two years building a huge international fan base, writing recipes specially for those who live both in areas where Imperial and Metric are de rigueur.

Then you write a cookbook, you fill it with your heart and with some of your greatest successes, you style all the recipes for photographs, you then photograph them yourself.

Then you go to Penguin Books and bring out the book – in English and Afrikaans!

 And they are wonderful!

There are some really useful pieces in the book, ‘In my Pantry’  should serve as a benchmark shelf guide for all good food oriented cooks.  The Conversion Chart is really handy in giving you metric, Imperial and USA measurements.  I like the way the chapters are laid out, Light Meals & Starters, Pasta, Chicken, etc etc and a fabulous chapter on Vegetarian dishes.  While Alida turns to culinary gold everything she touches, I am particularly attracted to her Desserts and Baking.  But then again just wave a platter of her Potato Rosti, Bacon and Egg Stacks with Tomato Relish under my nose and I’m as unfaithful to Desserts and Baking as I can be.

Potato Rösti, Bacon & Egg stacks with Tomato relish

I love Alida as a person, I love her warm generous spirit which overflows in bucketsful into this book.  It is just great to be in her company, I feel totally energized when I am.

Sam Woulidge in her excellent foreword to this book, says it all ‘Alida reminds me why I love food.’

Great Stocking Stuffer for Christmas.

Alida Ryder's Heerlik en Maklik

Penguin Non Fiction

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