Simonsig – a fresh Breeze blows through Cuvée

rPWmI4udQT3QSkNHVqOYRMudEz11E1hrQN4ajxHogIkCuvée Restaurant on Simonsig Wine Estate

How the Cape winelands have changed over the past fifteen years in terms of tourist offerings! A decade or two ago, one would be lucky to find a few pieces of cheese and a chunk of bread to accompany your wine-tasting at an estate. Today many of South Africa’s finest restaurants are to be found on wine estates, especially in Stellenbosch which has pretty much written the book on wine tourism.

2 Perfect asparagus in season nowPerfect asparagus in season now

Simonsig’s Cuvée Restaurant opened its doors in 2008, and since then has become one of the most popular eateries in the winelands. Excellent cuisine based on the freshest seasonal produce, the range of premium Simonsig wines to accompany each dish and its expansive views of Simonsberg have made Cuvée a highlight for those visiting Stellenbosch and has done much to promote Simonsig’s contribution to Cape hospitality.

From 8 December, regular visitors to Cuvée will be delighted to find a few subtle changes in the restaurants ambience and offerings.

1 Nothing like Boerewors & whole grain mustardNothing like Boerewors & whole grain mustard

The interior has undergone a fresh, but discreet, makeover. Large colourful menus will be offered to diners. And the food will offer a greater variety of dishes to sate the appetites of guests who wish to lunch their day away as well as on-the-run visitors wanting a quick, satisfying bite of bistro-style food.

Grills and fresh fish, as well as crunchy salads and a few local delicacies, like specially-made farm sausage, will be on the menu, along with Simonsig’s list of award-winning wines.

3 A fine piece of Steak with exotic mushroomsA fine  piece of Steak with exotic mushrooms

No, it is not a new restaurant. Cuvée is still committed to style, class and excellence. But a little change is as good as a holiday, and we look forward to offering a variety to our dining experience to visitors over the festive season.

Information from Simonsig Wine Estate

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