Sartori di Verona Prosecco, good with oysters, prawns & fine simple Italian dishes like Roberta Muir’s Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

Sartori di Verona Prosecco

Prosecco. The very word gives tummy tickles. Prosecco has recently become hugely popular in countries other than its homeland. Produced in the vineyards north of Venice, the Sartori di Verona Prosecco in a wine which falls under the Prosecco Spumante Brut DOC. Verona, of course reminds one as the town in which Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet lived.  The actual area of production for the Sartori di Verona Prosecco is the province of Treviso, where the Sartori Family have been in the wine business since late in the 19th Century.

Glera grapes freshly harvested

Made from Glera grapes which were until 2009 referred to as Prosecco. These grapes are a white wine variety from Slovenia which was brought to the village of Prosecco and used in the production of this wine. Not as a replacement to Champagne, but as a totally different wine. The areas of origin are kilometres apart and the production methods are very different. The grapes for the Sartori di Verona Prosecco are harvested at the end of the second week of September depending on the stage of ideal ripeness. The vineyards are planted in a mix of alluvial, clay and calcareous soils. After being destalked and gently pressed, the fermentation process takes place in a pressurised tank, by the Charmat Method.

An Oyster by Julian Merrow Smith

It looks like
Bottled under a natural cork closure and wire muzzle. Interesting bottle shape with the simplest of elegant labels. In the glass, gem bright with small bubbles rushing to the top of the glass and forming a little crown of bubbles around the edges. Pale golden straw with flashes of lime green.

It smells like
The freshest mélange of fruits with Pink Lady apples in undertow.

It tastes like
Delicate charming bubble from entry which lasts through into a satisfying aftertaste. Nice and dry, the apples again, mildly marzipan nutty. Refreshing, lovely wine.

Roberta Muir’s Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

It’s good with
Perfect as a mid-morning pick up, or at sundown with a bowl each of roasted almonds and fat green olives. Wonderful as a Bellini, a summer cocktail using fresh peaches, invented by Arrigo Cipriani of the eponymous hotel in Venice. Also in the Spritz Veneziano or Aperol Spritz. As a first course, sea fresh oysters, or a plate of fat freshly poached prawns with garlicky tomato mayonnaise. In the meal, it loves a delicate cold green minestrone soup, a crunchy salad. Pasta, served at the beginning of the meal, or indeed as a lunch time dish is the perfect Italian partner for this very Italian wine. Robert Muir who manages the Sydney Seafood School in the Sydney Market has a lovely simple Pasta dish called Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. Simple and delicious and just perfect for this wine. Click here for her recipe.

Roberta Muir, a dear friend from Sydney

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