Robertson Wynmakery – great successes at the Winemag Best Value & Ultra Value Wine Challenges…

Robertson Wynmakery

As you drive through Robertson towards Ashton and beyond, you pass the impressive Robertson Winery on the left. I am not surprised by these awards; Robertson Winery has always produced great price quality ratio wines.

Robertson Wynmakery Winemakers Selection Shiraz 2018

My tasting notes: In the glass, a deep bloodplum red which pales to a purple garnet at the edges. On the nose, it is a blast of fruit and vanilla spice and ground black pepper. The palate is full and generous with black berries and dark plums. Nice glass with a braai or a dish of Bobotie,

Robertson Wynmakery Winemaker’s Selection Chenin Blanc 2019

My tasting notes: I really liked this wine. In the glass, a pale wheaten colour, gem bright. The aromas and flavours reminded me of a Georgian [USA] summer where peaches are ripe and uttely delicious. Soft yellow ripe peaches amd white blossoms, on the nose and on the palate. Vibrant thread of acidity, making a a perfect food wine. Great glass on its own, excellent with a butte roasted organic chicken.

Robertson Winery’s recent successes at various “Best Value” wine awards, namely the 2019 Gold Wine Awards, Winemag’s Best Value Shiraz Tasting, and the 2018/19 Ultra Value Wine Challenge have once again validated Robertson Winery’s reputation for creating exceptional wines that over-deliver in their respective price categories.

The 2019 Gold Wine Awards delivered 5 Gold Medals for the Winery’s Chenin Blanc 2019, Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Chardonnay 2018, Beaukett 2018, and Merlot 2018.  Winemag Best Value Shiraz Tasting placed the Robertson Winery Shiraz 2018 in the Top 5 and joint second with 89 points.

Robertson Wynmakery Winemaker’s Selection Beaukett 2018

My tasting notes: In the glass, a pale straw with lime green flashes, bright as a diamond. The aromas remind me of hanepoot grapes, slightly sunburned. From entry, there is a golden thread of acidity which runs through into the well balanced aftertaste. Good balance and a refreshing ending. Good with delicately flavoured vegetable curries, and would go well with a well roasted duck with a tangy berry sauce.

In the 2018/19 Ultra Value Wine Challenge: Robertson Winery Beaukett 2018 was placed in the Top 14 highest-scoring wines with 95 points.

Are we surprised? Hell no!

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