Portugal 3 – Solar dos Presuntos

We dined twice at Solar dos Presuntos.  The first time we were presented with a choice of fish by Agostinho which included a large turbot which we subsequently ordered.  Sonia Fernandes of ViniPortugal and Anibal Coutinho look on.

Turbot cooked in slices & serve with Asorda, a bread sauce.

In the window were the Lampreys of which I have spoken and inside the front door lobsters in a tank waiting to be cooked to the guests order.  You will see that there is the European Lobster with the large claws and one more like our own rock lobster.  These were HUGE and cost in the region of R2500 to be cooked and served.

Lampreys hanging in the Window

Live Lobsters awaiting diner's orders

Our second to last night in Lisbon we were entertained by José Gaspar, President of the Tejo Wine Commission, a gallant, courteous man with film star looks and is referred to as “a reference” on wine in Portugal.

José Pinot Gaspar, President of Tejo Wine Commission

Wines we had were just wonderful.  Murganheira 2004 Superior Reserva, a metodo classico sparkler where I had been on a previous visit to Portugal. Two fabulous, Alvarinhos, a Quinta de Regueiro Reservo 2009 and a Soalheiro 2009.  Alvarinho is an indigenous grape with which we became well acquainted during our visit to Portugal.  On our visit with José we drank the utterly sublime wines of his region, which we were to taste the following morning.