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Jean Nels Salmon on a plankJean Nel’s Planked Salmon

Jean Nel is an outdoor cooking instructor.  He has taught at the Pick n Pay Good Food Studio and is found at the Stellenbosch Market at Oude Libertas in Stellenbosch on Saturday mornings.

Planked Salmon
2 cooking planks
4 x 200 g salmon fillet pieces
salt and pepper

The huge attraction of this method of cooking salmon is that it’s really a conversation starter and it’s very healthy.

The oils in salmon are supposed to be very good for you, it’s visually inviting, and there’s much less fat in a fillet of Norwegian Salmon than on a lamb chop. It looks

impressive too, but most of all, it’s a really easy way to cook fish, even for those who think it an impossible task.

Cooking on the plank keeps it moist and, unless you get distracted watching the game for an hour, it won’t burn. Place your soaked plank on the grid over a medium heat. As the water begins to start evaporating, give it a very light brush of oil and pop the fish on it skin side down. I try to leave about 5 cm between each piece, so you might need two planks. Close the lid and cook for 4–5 minutes until the flesh turns pastel pink and starts to whiten slightly. If you really are a sucker for well done fish, leave it until the flesh starts to brown, but I warn you, it will be dry.

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Jean NelJean Nel

Jean Nel styles himself as an Outdoor Cooking Coach, something he does professionally and with consummate ease with his beloved Weber Kettle and Gas Braais.

Cooking with Gas cover

Already a best-selling author of his first book, Braai the Beloved Country, Jean is back with his considered and expansive book on getting the best out of your gas braai. The braai veteran has put together a collection of stunning, crowd-pleasing recipes that gradually teach you how to use your shiny new gas braai.

Cooking with Gas and Braai the Beloved Country are both published by Jacana Media.

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